3MD & 3PRO Cartridges + Sleeves (30 count)


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Single-use, individually packed sterile needle cartridges for use with 3MD and 3Pro devices, bundled together with snugly fitting latex Dp Sleeves to protect your clients and your equipment.

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3MD & 3Pro Cartridges and Dp Sleeves

3MD & 3Pro Microderm Cartridges are intended to be used with 3MD and 3Pro microneedling devices. Each cartridge is individually packed, sterile, and intended for one time use only. Each cartridge houses 12 x 33-gauge needles, encased in a spring loaded housing, which vibrates the needle vertically into the skin when the microneedling device is turned on. The construction of the cartridge allows for the needles to be fully retracted back into the cartridge with each oscillation, eliminating the possibility of dragging and tearing.

Molded out of latex to perfectly fit the contours of the 3MD and 3Pro microneedling devices, Dp Sleeves fully cover the hand piece and ensure that it does not come in contact with any biological or chemical fluids during the procedure to prevent any potential cross-contamination. Each Dp Sleeve is individually packed, sterile, and is intended for single use only. Dp Sleeves should be immediately discarded after use.

Dp Sleeves for the 3MD and 3Pro devices are also available separately at $50 per box of 15.


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