The past year has required us to become hand sanitizing experts.  The concept of being able to sanitize without drying out your skin is an exciting one.  CliniPrep from Dp Dermaceuticals is a dermatologically tested technology that can disinfect the skin on the go, at home or in-clinic, pre or post treatment.

Imagine CliniPrep as your shield, protecting your skin from viral, fungal, bacterial and spore infection.  You can trust CliniPrep as it does not contain parabens, which are used in a wide variety of cosmetic and body care products. Parabens are thought to disrupt hormones in the body, harm fertility and increase the risk of cancer, as well as cause skin irritation. CliniPrep is also free of alcohol, so it will not harshly dry out your skin.  It is fragrance free, perfect for users who are sensitive to perfumes or scents.  It will not irritate or sting even sensitive skin types. Don’t be afraid of spraying it as it will not stain or bleach.

CliniPrep goes beyond what typical medical skin disinfectants and pre-procedure cleansers can do.  It is effective in killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungus and spores so it protects the skin from infection as well as promoting more rapid healing times.  It is neutral for skin pH.  Proprietary Hypochlorous Solution is CliniPrep’s performance ingredient, a powerful fungicidal, bacterial, sporidical and virucidal solution that is pH neutral to the skin and non-irritating.

CliniPrep is ideal for all skin types, including combination, dry or oily skin as well as anyone who deals with problematic skin and acne breakouts. Users have noted a drop in the number of breakouts and inflammation thanks to the daily use of CliniPrep. As it does not irritate, it can be used multiple times each day, as needed.

In conjunction with treatments in-clinic, CliniPrep is applied to the skin after cleansing and applying a numbing agent prior to a procedure.  During a treatment, CliniPrep can be applied throughout the procedure as well as at the conclusion, prior to applying necessary correctives.

For home use, CliniPrep is perfect to be used any time a skin disinfectant is needed.  If you’ve had a treatment, you can use CliniPrep at home for accelerated healing.  One of the best things about CliniPrep is that it comes in a 100ml spray bottle that is ideal for every occasion and is convenient to go anywhere.  It will help you keep your skin disinfected easily.  Perfect for air travel, CliniPrep can be stowed in your luggage or carry on since it is within the TSA required size limit of 3.4 ounces. This bottle makes it easy to spray down your tray table on a flight. Great for families with kids, you can keep a spray bottle of CliniPrep in a handbag, console of a car, inside a diaper bag or with sports gear in your gym bag to ensure that your whole family is protected on the go.

CliniPrep (100ml)

CliniPrep is the sanitizing wonder that your skin has been craving.  Find it here:

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