Enjoy Firmer, Brighter and Healthier Skin

Boost collagen and elastin while addressing pigmentation on the face, hands, neck and decollete with clinic-grade LED red light therapy.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) therapy works by acting on the mitochondria, or the “power plant” within your cells. With more energy, cells can do their work more efficiently, such as boosting new cell growth, reducing signs of aging and brightening skin complexion.

Dp Dermaceuticals Red Light Therapy LED masks harness the latest scientific advancements and research in light therapy to fully optimize your at-home LED treatment, using not only red light but also – harder to find in an at-home device – near-infrared light.

In just one 10-minute session skin feels plumper, hydrated, and instantly refreshed.


Unlike most LED devices, Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks use two proven wavelengths of light; red (633nm) light and near infra-red (830nm) light. Clinical studies have shown these wavelengths stimulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin, which helps rebuild the damage caused by the aging process and other environmental factors.
Perfect for at-home or in-clinic use, Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks have a smooth surface that is easy to keep hygienic in between treatments. Soft on skin and materials, the non-drying CliniPrep solution is the recommended cleaner for LED masks.
Made with soft silicone that sits comfortably on your face, hands and neck, Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks provide the maximum benefits of LED therapy without discomfort or downtime. Plus, they are easily chargeable so you don’t have to stay by an outlet while using them!


  1. How does LED therapy work?
    Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks use two proven wavelengths of light; red (630nm) light and near-infrared (830nm) light. Clinical studies have shown these wavelengths stimulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin.

    LED light therapy improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called photobiomodulation. This helps rebuild the damage caused by the aging process. Enjoy naturally plumper skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Can I use it with DP4 microneedling?
    Yes! A session of Dp Dermaceuticals LED helps reduce post-operative inflammation after DP4 microneedling procedures. Red (633nm) light rays encourage healing, the perfect way to reduce any uncomfortable and unsightly redness or inflammation.
  3. How is the Dp Dermaceuticals LED powered?
    The mask uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery rated at 9.62Wh / 2200mAH. This means you aren’t plugged in for your session and can move freely.

    The battery is powerful enough to last for several treatments. The indicator on the control shows you how much power is left, so you’ll always know when to recharge.
  4. Can I move around with Dp Dermaceuticals LED on?
    Yes! A Dp Dermaceuticals LED mask session is the perfect moment to enjoy some time out, either sitting up or lying down in a comfortable position, breathing deeply. However, we understand that sometimes life is busy. The Dp Dermaceuticals LED range is fully portable so that you can multitask.
  5. Can I offer Dp Dermaceuticals LED in my clinic?
    Yes! Dp Dermaceuticals LED is perfect for both the convenience of home use and powerful professional treatments.
  6. Do I need to cover my eyes?
    Due to the intelligent design of the Dp Dermaceuticals LED FACE no eye protection is necessary. This area remains uncovered during treatment.

    However, if you’re sensitive to light, we recommend relaxing with your eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.

    Light products, including Dp Dermaceuticals LED, are not recommended if you:

    • Have a genetic predisposition to light,
    • Have a genetic eye condition, or
    • Are taking medication that increases light sensitivity.
  7. Is there any aftercare involved?
    Technically no, LED offers non-invasive skin rejuvenation. However, your skin absorbs skincare products more effectively after each session. Applying your Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products directly afterward means you’ll get even more out of them.
  8. How many times a week should I use Dp Dermaceuticals LED?
    To get the best results, apply your Dp Dermaceuticals LED 3–5 days a week for a minimum of 4 weeks. It’s safe to increase the number of days beyond this, and you can even double the dose if you like.

    Once this initial treatment period is over, we recommend incorporating regular treatments into your usual skincare routine to keep your skin smooth, firm, and hydrated.
  9. I travel a lot. Can I take it with me?
    Yes, Dp Dermaceuticals LED is lightweight and portable, the ideal travel companion. While it molds to your face during treatment, it lies perfectly flat when you take it off, making it easy to pack in a suitcase.

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