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As the North American distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals, Dp Derm's mission is to enable each practitioner to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes for their clients, all the while supporting them with proven protocol-based products that work.

The Dp Dermaceuticals range from Dermapenworld is the world’s first meso-infusion skin care range formulated specifically for skin needling. Dubbed the “non-negotiables for microneedling,” these active meso-glide combinations have proven protocol outcomes that are endorsed by thousands of practitioners around the globe, for safe, effective treatments without any adverse side effects.

With specialized products for both, professional and home use, it has never been easier to design a patient journey that delivers consistent and exceptional results.

A treatment protocol would not be complete without an effective home-care regime and the combination of our SkinLite LED system with the Dp Dermaceuticals home-care line provides the complete package for you the patient.

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