Head, Shoulders...Neck and Hands? Secrets to Treating the Forgotten Areas

Head, Shoulders...Neck and Hands? Secrets to Treating the Forgotten Areas

Your skincare routine may include all of the anti-aging powerhouse ingredients to fight the appearance of wrinkles and to maximize moisture, but are you taking care of the areas that show hyperpigmentation and age the most? Your neck, décolleté and hands can age you beyond your years thanks to dark spots and fine lines. Make sure to keep these sensitive areas on your radar. 

There are some ingredients that can make a dramatic difference in the war against visible aging, but certain ones work extremely well together to accomplish that task.  Three powerful anti-aging allies are zinc, pantothenic acid or B5, and hyaluronic acid. Put them together and the results are stunning. 

The first is zinc, a powerful anti-inflammatory mineral that helps repair the skin and fight the effects of aging. It is an effective anti-bacterial agent and is potent in regulating oil, making it ideal for anyone dealing with problematic or acne-prone skin. It protects the barrier of the skin and acts like an enzyme cofactor, helping to boost collagen production. When your skin has ample collagen, you’ll see skin that is plump and firm with fewer visible wrinkles. 
The next potent ingredient is B5, otherwise known as pantothenic acid. This hero of hydration is found in lots of skincare, makeup and hair products, but doesn’t get as much attention as other hydration powerhouses. Panthenol is the provitamin, something the body can convert into a specific vitamin, or B5.  It attracts water and holds it as a humectant.  It is unique in that it is also an effective emollient, smoothing and softening skin. It restores the function of the skin barrier which locks moisture in and keeps it from leaving.   B5 is a great wound healer, working well with all skin types.  

Lastly, hyaluronic acid, or HA, is naturally found in the body’s connective tissue.  This glycosaminoglycan, or sugar, is an essential component of what gives your skin a plump, hydrated look.  HA levels in the body and skin decrease as we age, causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This incredible anti-aging gem increases skin’s elasticity and helps with wound healing as well as treating facial redness. 

Now that you know the science behind the products, let’s delve into the best neck firming mask and best hand pampering mask to add to your regimen. Hyla Active Neck and Decollete Mask from Dp Dermaceuticals contains all three of the aforementioned anti-aging ingredients, created to give your skin intense hydration, support for stressed skin and a reduction in redness.  It is important to care for the thin skin of the neck which is subject to wrinkles and sagging skin before other areas.  Why? The neck is exposed to environmental elements since the neck isn’t always covered by clothing and we aren’t always vigilant enough in applying sunscreen there. Some positions that we sleep in are conducive to forming wrinkles. Packed with the potent ingredients of a triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex known as Hylafuse Complex, zinc oxide and B5, this mask is tailored to fit around the neck and chest to deliver moisture and brightening to this delicate region. 

Hyla Active Pampered Hand Mask from Dp Dermaceuticals incorporates the benefits of these Hyla Active properties for your hands.  Studies show that sun damage is one of the main causes for visible signs of aging on the hands.  In addition, dryness caused by age-related decrease in the production of oils that keep your hands hydrated and smooth can make your hands look older. Give your hands some TLC in the form of cooling, soothing and pampering for maximum hydration and comfort that you can feel. 

Look at both as spa treatments at home! Treat yourself to the best neck firming mask and best hand pampering mask today and add these essential elements to your anti-aging skincare routine. 

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