How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type

If you’re not using the right skincare products to address your unique needs, you won’t be able to achieve your goals, including a healthy glow, a brighter, even skin tone or deep hydration.  When you  know your skin type, shopping for skincare products becomes an easy task.  First, it is essential to understand the five basic types of skin.

Dry skin can feel tight or have a dull appearance.  When skin is severely dry, you may notice flaky or have red patches since it lacks sebum or natural oil.   This shouldn’t be confused with dehydrated skin which means it doesn’t have enough water and can happen in any skin type.

Oily skin means that the skin is producing a surplus of sebum or oil, giving skin a greasy or shiny look.  Blackheads, clogged pores and enlarged pores are commonly found in oily skin so breakouts are also the norm.

Combination skin indicates that skin has two or more characteristics in different areas.  A benchmark of combination skin is the oily T-zone that makes up the chin, nose and forehead with dry cheeks. 

Sensitive skin means your skin reacts more easily to stressors.  This is a continuum ranging from mild irritation to severe inflammation. Although sensitivity is normally visible to others, it can also refer to how the skin actually feels. 

Normal skin signifies skin that is well balanced and isn’t characterized by dryness or an oily quality.  Normal skin has fine pores, a healthy color, good circulation of blood and no blemishes. 

Over time, your skin will change so although you may have suffered with breakouts and oily skin as an adolescent, you can suffer with dry skin as an adult.  So taking the time to determine your current skin type is important to finding the products to make your skin healthy.  To do this at home, there are two methods that are simple to execute. 

The first is the Bare-Faced Method.  Use a mild cleanser and pat dry gently.  Refrain from using any products and wait 30 minutes.  Inspect your face.  Are there areas of shine, especially in the t-zone?  In another 30 minutes, smile in the mirror.  Is your skin dry, especially when you make facial expressions?  If you notice tightness, your skin is probably dry.  If you see shine on your forehead and nose, that’s  oily skin. Notice both?  Combination skin.  Irritation means sensitivity.  Not seeing any of these concerns?  You may have won the skin lottery and have normal skin!

The Blotting Sheet Method is a faster way to figure out your skin type.  Use blotting paper to gently pat the main areas of your face, holding up the sheet to the light after to see how much oil was absorbed.  If you have very little oil, you may have dry skin.  If there is only oil in the t-zone, you may have combination skin. Saturating the blotting paper with oil means oily skin. For best results, don’t do this after cleansing but rather midday or evening to get a sense of your sebum production.


Use your skin type to select powerful, clinic-grade products, carefully cultivated by Dp Dermaceuticals into skincare sets that will help you build effective routines:

The Acne Skin Set uses potent ingredients like Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid to reduce excess pore-clogging oils and balance your skin.  The appearance of acne will be reduced and Manuka Honey will rejuvenate and restore your skin’s natural glow.


The Age-Defying Skin Set is packed with 3 Vitamin A superstars to help you stand firm against the passage of time.  Using Retinaldehyde, the most active form of Vitamin A without a prescription, you’ll rediscover your youthful glow while you hydrate and reduce the visible signs of wrinkles. The best anti aging skin care kit will change how you see your skin.


The Pigmentation Skin Set is your complete arsenal of skincare products to help you combat dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation.  If you’ve spent time in the sun or age spots are your nemesis, this dual action set will not only help prevent excess pigment from forming but will actually fade the appearance of existing discoloration.

Knowledge is power. Understand your skin type to take advantage of the wealth of products available  including the best anti aging skin care kit, to help change your skin. 

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