Looking Instagram-Ready During the Holiday Season

Looking Instagram-Ready During the Holiday Season

It seems like every year right around this time we all think the same thing, “the holidays are right around the corner, how did the year go by so fast?” And it’s true! The most magical time of year is upon us which means, lots of gatherings and events, in addition to all that joy and cheer. 

An uptick in your social calendar means more facetime with friends and family and a selfie or two – thanks Instagram! – so why not put your best face forward? Non-surgical cosmetic treatments will help you feel and look more refreshed and rejuvenated to head into this holiday season with self-confidence. Plus, they require little to no downtime and results are seen either immediately or within a couple of weeks, which means now is the ideal time for a quick tune-up. 


One of the most effective treatments for lifting, firming, and smoothing skin is microneedling. It is a multi-purpose procedure that corrects your biggest skin issues including acne, scarring, and aging. As far as the biggest return on your investment, microneedling tops the list because it targets so many problem areas at once. 

Simply put, microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for the purposes of rejuvenation. Your skin is purposely damaged by micropunctures causing it to go into repair mode, which is when new collagen is formed to revive texture, remove scars, and tighten wrinkles. The tiny punctures also enhance your skin’s absorption of products which is an upside in and of itself! 

Done properly, it should not inflict any pain as the punctures are more like pinpricks that enter only surface-level deep. 

Another perk is that microneedling offers fairly immediate results and your skin continues to improve for up to six months. On average, treatments can be done about two times a year, depending on your needs. 


Post-treatment, you need to be ultra-gentle on your skin. It has technically been exposed so this can be a danger zone for bacteria and inflammation which can stall your results or cause a bigger issue like infection if you don’t take proper precautions. You will need to use mild but effective products to clean your skin but also not interfere with the healing process – which is when the magic happens. 

Our range of products are specifically made for needling procedures, making your experience easy and worry-free. From facial cleansers to disinfectants and even SPF foundation makeup, we have the solutions you need to ensure your treatment results in a look you love in the safest, most efficient way possible. With our products you can feel confident in your post-treatment care, letting your skin heal properly while keeping it as clean and healthy as possible. 

Other non-invasive treatments that are a bit more targeted than microneedling but will still instantly freshen your look in time for the holidays include Botox, laser resurfacing, light therapy facials like our SkinLite LED Mask and chemical peels. 

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