Keep Calm and CliniPrep on!

Keep Calm and CliniPrep on!

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is a highly prevalent topic on the news. It is incorporated into most of our conversations and is constantly on our minds, as we Google-search the latest case to be announced and worry about the spread. It can quickly become nerve-racking, but it’s important to not panic and instead learn some of the best preventative measures to keep yourself protected. Coronavirus is spread via person-to-person contact and contact with infected surfaces, so it’s most important to keep your hands as well as your surrounding public areas like your desk, car and electronics clean and disinfected.

As simple as it sounds, regular hand washing for 20 seconds has been deemed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as the most effective way to kill virus-causing bacteria. As a bonus, soap is about the only hygiene product not currently sold out at drugstores and grocery stores.

But what about when soap and water are not readily available, for example when
running errands, going into stores and getting in and out of your car repeatedly, on the metro/subway/train, in an Uber/taxi/Lyft, in a crowded area like a school, a concert or conference, on an airplane where the bathrooms are usually less than sparkling-clean, at the park with your children, and the list goes on! This is when antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers would be the next best thing. And let’s face it, as a society we are so busy, always moving and therefore like a “quick fix” so we are more likely to reach for hand sanitizer before we take a trip to the sink.

The catch about hand sanitizer and wipes is that there are two components necessary for these products to be effective, which is why many times they are not. It must have a minimum of 60% alcohol, a 4 minute “wet-time”, and the product has to dry completely on your hands or surface, i.e. you don’t wipe it off or touch anything before it does. You have probably used either or both of those products in the past and know it’s quite common to fall short with both of those guidelines.

Unfortunately, this makes antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers not totally ideal for killing germs and bacteria, but it’s still necessary to have an on-the-go disinfecting product during this time.

This is where CliniPrep comes in.

This product is formulated with the right ingredients to disinfect and protect, comes in a handy spay for immediate use and because of its spray method of application, it is quick-drying and covers a larger area than a gel sanitizer.

Because CliniPrep is used as a pre-procedure cleanser, it has medical-grade
disinfecting ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria and shields against bacterial, viral, fungal and spore infection. It is also skin pH neutral, non-irritating, non-drying and non-stinging, so it’s safe for all ages, even children. The performance ingredients are water, phosphoric acid, and sodium hypochlorite, all scientifically proven to kill bacteria, fungus, and spores that can cause infection and disease.

CliniPrep comes in a 100ml retail size, which is small enough to throw in your purse, diaper bag, briefcase, car, etc. for on-the-go convenience and is TSA-compliant, making it an ideal choice for travelers to disinfect your airplane seat (please do!) and hands throughout your flight.

The two main pieces of advice from the CDC are not to panic, that’s first, and keep your hands clean (via hand washing or using another type of strong disinfectant) and away from your face.

So… stay calm and CliniPrep on!

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