Why Eye Creams and Serums Are Game Changers

Why Eye Creams and Serums Are Game Changers

When you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person with under eye bags, discoloration and puffiness looking back, it is time to add an eye cream or eye serum into your daily routine. With consistency, the right products and the correct technique, you’ll be seeing changes right beneath your eyes! 

Aging, sun damage and lack of sleep can all show themselves on your face in the form of eye puffiness or dark circles. Sometimes aging can show up as fine lines and crow’s feet underneath your eyes. You may have found a perfect moisturizer, night cream or gel for your skin but don’t depend upon those products to accomplish the goals of this sensitive area that has unique needs.  Slathering on face cream can actually be detrimental. If you’re moisturizing acne-prone skin, a formula that works well on your face won’t add any benefit to your under eye area. The area under your eyes is comprised of thinner skin that does not contain many oil glands to provide hydration.  Highly concentrated moisturizers of the wrong ingredients will be wasted here. 

Utilizing an eye cream or serum has multiple benefits. Pick one with antioxidants and moisturizing properties to combat environmental stressors and dehydration. The right combination of ingredients will lessen the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles plus minimize the puffy look that happens thanks to allergies, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Not only will the right product correct the blotchy discoloration that can appear under the eyes by brightening the area and evening out skin tone for a glowing result rather than a tired look. Strengthening this vulnerable area of skin by adding resilience sets the stage for makeup and concealer to go on smoothly and not build up in expression lines.  

We know what eye creams and serums can accomplish but what should you look for in a product?  Check out this short list of powerful ingredients that help make an eye cream or serum highly effective: 

*Hyaluronic acid for resilience.

*Caffeine to perk up tired looking skin and reduce puffiness.

*Vitamin C helps reduce hyperpigmentation and provides a glow. 

*Peptides increase collagen and elastin production. 

* Retinol plumps skin and helps with discoloration 

*Squalane soothes and hydrates for plump results. 

*Aloe vera to soothe and hydrate stressed eyes. 

Applying an eye cream or serum is easy.  After cleansing and applying a toner, massage or tap a dime sized drop of eye cream or serum into the area beneath your eyes with your middle or ring finger, starting at the corner near your nose and moving outward.  Don’t pull or tug on skin. Always be gentle with this sensitive area.  Never apply to your eyelid or too close to your lash line underneath.  Stay consistent and make sure this is part of your routine each day for optimal effectiveness. 


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Try R.E.R. Rapid Eye Restore Eye Serum from Dp Dermaceuticals, which combines anti-aging antioxidants and rejuvenation capabilities in an innovative, airless roller ball pen dispenser.  Gently massaging and stimulating your under eye area with HylaFuse complex, an infusion of vitamin A and Calphasomes, your skin will look refreshed.  Pamper yourself further with R.E.R. Rapid Eye Restore Masks that will pump your under eye area full of moisture and comfort.

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