Event Details

🕖 Local Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

🔵 LA: Renaissance Long Beach Hotel - June 14th
🔵 NY: NYC Seminar & Conference Center - June 16th
🔵 Miami: Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay - June 19th

🎫 Mobile eTicket:
$399 - lunch included in attendance fee

At the training, your purchase will turn into a $150 credit for Dp Dermaceuticals line of products!

Course Highlights

In-depth microneedling training for Dp4 by the world-renowned Dr. Andrew Christie-Schwarz.

Event tailored for licensed microneedling professionals.

A wider look into skin needling.

$150 credit towards Dp Dermaceuticals products for attendees.

A Certificate of Training will be provided for all attendees.

Dr. Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz PhD | Paris, France
Clinical Director, Equipmed Aesthetics Global
MedicalTrainer, DermapenWorld

Andrew is a skin-needling specialist with over 25 years’ experience in aesthetics. He has lectured in over 70 countries and has been invited as a key speaker at over 60 major congresses across the world. Andrew is an award-winning educator, KOL and author who has written multiple training manuals and material on micro-needling procedures, including “Advanced Innovations With Dermapen”. He trains over 50,000 medical practitioners each year and is considered a world authority on skin-needling and regenerative treatments. Andrew recently celebrated his 10th year as an ambassador for DermapenWorld and was featured in Neo Beauty Media’s (China) “People Of The Year”.

Course Description

This innovative workshop explores why microneedling is an essential tool for any modern practice. Discover how recent updates allow for the treatment of a multitude of indications across the aesthetic, dermatological and corrective medicine markets utilizing the DP4 & Dp Dermaceuticals.

This inspiring theoretical and practical workshop is designed for all levels of needling and regenerative practitioners. Exploring global trends and innovative new uses for Dp4, new treatment indications, areas and methods are presented, along with cutting-edge combination therapies. Learn protocols for safe infusion of MG-Collection meso-actives for the ultimate in tailored and bespoke treatment. Be the first to see the latest in regenerative exosome technology with the EXO-SKIN collection. Learn how to maximize outcomes and accelerate treatment programmes with ÜBER PRO and MD anabolic peeling systems.

Skinnovations With Dp4 is suitable for all skin practitioners. Covered combination therapies include:
  • Infusion of active substances / mesotherapy with MG-Collection
  • Exosomes – the new regenerative force
  • Gliding & Imprint technique, new methods of scar, striae and rhytid revision
  • Anabolic chemical peel synergies
  • Patient corrective homecare with Dp Dermaceuticals Combination therapy synergies and patient case studies (including PRP and drug infusion)

Exclusive protocols are also revealed to highlight the latest synergy of solutions. This includes innovative treatment of scars, aging, hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea. A practical component is supported with 2 live patient case studies to highlight procedural techniques, how to confidently treat the facial area and how to enhance outcomes with combination therapies. 

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