4MD Cartridges (Box of 33)


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Single-use, individually packed sterile needle cartridges intended for use with the 4MD microneedling device.

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Microderm Cartridges (4MD)

4MD Microderm Cartridges are intended to be used with the 4MD microneedling devices. Each cartridge is individually packed, sterile, and intended for one time use only. Each cartridge houses 16 x 33-gauge needles, encased in a spring loaded housing, which vibrates the needle vertically into the skin when the microneedling device is turned on. The construction of the cartridge allows for the needles to be fully retracted back into the cartridge with each oscillation, eliminating the possibility of dragging and tearing.

4MD Microderm Cartridges feature three integrated internal seals which completely eliminate any chance of cross-contamination and cross-infection. Each cartridge houses an RFID chip which allows for the cartridge to self-calibrate as soon as it is inserted into and synched to the device. This means that the depth is always exactly where you intend it to be, enabling you to achieve the best results possible with each treatment.

Please note: Starting in July, the safety cap of each 4MD Microderm Cartridge will feature a sodalite massaging roller tip. This attachment will allow the practitioner to use their 4MD device to massage soothing tinctures, such as Dp Dermaceuticals CDB Elixir, into the patient's skin prior to the treatment for an analgesic effect. To do this, set both the speed and the depth to their lowest setting prior to turning the 4MD device on.


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