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Dp Dermaceuticals™ Brightening Starter Kit contains items that feature ingredients aimed at removing unwanted pigmentation and limiting excess melanin production.

While this Starter kit is suitable for all skin types, it is best suited for individuals undergoing treatments for various types of pigmentation.


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Dp Dermaceuticals Starter Kits

While it is true that the Dp Dermaceuticals™ range was created specifically for microneedling, it isn't always easy to know which products to use when, especially when it comes to home care. It is very important to not only have the right products to take care of the skin after each procedure, but also to use the right products to prepare and strengthen the skin before undergoing a treatment course.

The Brightening Starter Kit includes the following travel-sized products below. Click on each product to learn more.

Microderm Exfoliant Cleanser (60ml)

Antioxidant Cocktail (15ml)

BriteLite (15ml)

Cover Recover (3 x 3ml tubes in Sheer, Beige and Tawny)

BriteLite 3D Sculptured Face Mask (one single mask)


  • CLEANSE: Micro Derm Exfoliant
  • TREAT: Antioxidant Cocktail
  • CORRECT: Brite Lite
  • PROTECT: Cover Recover


  • CLEANSE: Micro Derm Exfoliant
  • TREAT: Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Mask (1 - 2 times per week)
  • CORRECT: Brite Lite

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