2023 Best Skincare Gifts for a Skintellectual

2023 Best Skincare Gifts for a Skintellectual

Do you have a few discerning skintellectuals on your holiday gifting list? 

Skintellectual (n.) An individual versed in the most effective skincare ingredients, tools, and techniques for maintaining healthy skin.

From clinic-grade formulas used by skin experts worldwide to state-of-the-art devices - including the trending Red Light Therapy masks - you will find the perfect gift for them from Dp Dermaceuticals!


If you’re looking to impress the skintellectual in your life, look no further than this intensive exosome serum. This rejuvenating serum uses ethically-sourced exosomes to boost natural cellular repair, maximizing the potential of skin regeneration and reducing signs of aging skin. PopSugar highlights it as one of the best products with exosomes and reviews label it as “a keeper.”

Shop EXO-SKIN here.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Kits  

W hether the skintellectual on your list is looking to reverse signs of aging or prevent them from appearing (think prejuvenation), Dp Dermaceuticals offers two kits with synergistic products to help them accomplish their goals!


Get the Age-Defying Skin Set 

From fine lines and deep wrinkles, to lax skin and sun damage, products in Dp Dermaceuticals™ Anti-Aging Starter Kit help maintain and improve the results obtained via clinical micro-needling procedures aimed at retaining the skin's youthful appearance. 

The Age Defying Skin Set provides all the daily essentials to fight fine lines and improve skin quality. 


Anti-Aging Starter Kit for the Wrinkle Warrior

This starter kit helps to reduce signs of aging like fine lines, skin laxity, and wrinkles. The Anti-Aging Starter Kit includes everything you need - and the order it should go in - to help achieve youthful skin!

Brightening Skincare Sets

Brightening Starter Kit 

While this skin-lightening kit is suitable for all skin types, it is optimal for skin undergoing treatments for various types of pigmentation. The Brightening Starter Kit contains 5 products and outlines a twice-daily skincare routine that leaves customers saying “my face was cleared up and I have never felt more beautiful.”

Try the Pigmentation Skin Set for the Outdoor Lover 

The Pigmentation Skin Set helps to reduce the appearance of freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentation, melasma and age or sun spots. This all-in-one skincare kit is perfect for a twice-daily pigmentation routine that brightens and smooths the appearance of uneven skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots, freckles and sun damage.

LED Light Therapy Masks

Red Light Therapy renews skin cells, reduces inflammation, stimulates fibroblasts for increased collagen and elastin, clear acne, even pigment and refines texture. Consistent use minimizes visible signs of aging.

The three red light therapy masks that DP Derm offers can be used on the face, hand, and neck. They feature medical-grade silicone that ensures maximum skin contact for optimal absorption.

For amplified benefits, pair this with DP Dermaceuticals antioxidant-rich Lumafuse Sheet Mask for deeper penetration of the active ingredients. 

Shop Red Light Therapy Masks here.


Hyla Active 3D Sculpting Masks 

Give the gift of a perfect spa day at home, with this uber cooling face mask. All masks are made from renewable, refined plant fiber in patented unibody joining method designed to cover every contour of the face and neck.

This mask can be used as often as deemed necessary for added brightening benefit either during a micro-needling treatment course, or as everyday skincare.


Shop Hyla Active Masks here.


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