3 Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Spring

3 Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Spring

The dreary days of winter are behind us.   Warm days in the sun beckon.  As you get your home ready for summer entertaining and start to pack away your heavier clothing until next year, take some time to get your skin ready for spring, too.  With a few easy adjustments to your daily routine, your skin will be ready to glow.

One way is to prepare for the possibility of acne breakouts.  When the weather is in transition, acne is always possible.  The seasonal transition process is rough on skin and you may see some redness even if you aren’t prone to breakouts normally.  Between warm weather and heavier skincare products that you use during the colder months, your skin can rebel in the form of red bumps and blackheads.  Now is the time to adjust your routine from thick moisturizers to lightweight serums and moisturizers.  In the hot weather, your skin tends to produce more sebum or oil.  Lighter moisturizers won’t overload the cells of your skin and absorb more quickly.  Keep potent acne-fighting products on hand that work for your skin.

Try CLR Lotion from Dp Dermaceuticals to help your skin get ready for spring by adding hydration as well as balancing oil production.  CLR Lotion is powerful enough to exfoliate the dead layer of skin cells and buildup of oils from the top layer of skin, which can clog your pores and set the stage for breakouts.  Soothing irritated skin and lightening the appearance of hyperpigmentation linked to inflamed acne are some of the noticeable differences you’ll see in your skin.  Gentle enough to use in both your morning and evening routines, CLR Lotion contains salicylic acid to penetrate the skin as well as do double duty inside the pore.

Exfoliation isn’t just for winter as you can still deal with flaky skin during spring.  To reveal the healthy skin underneath, it is essential to remove the debris and cells that can give your skin a dull, lifeless pallor. Plus, exfoliation is great to stimulate new cell generation as well as give a boost to your circulation.  Picking an exfoliant for sensitive skin is best so you can exfoliate multiple times a week without redness. 

Try Micro Derm Exfoliant from Dp Dermaceuticals to remove dulling residue and reveal brighter skin.  This exfoliant for sensitive skin purifies and clarifies but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.  Instead, it refines and softens the skin, diminishing the appearance of large pores, age spots, wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin tone.  It uses bamboo powder, a rich resurfacing medium that is gentle on the skin as it buffs away debris in the least abrasive way.

As you’ll be spending more time outdoors, ensure that your moisturizer has an SPF of 30 or better.  It is something that you should do year round but now, sunscreen is more important than ever.  Protect your skin from skin cancer as well as photoaging by selecting a broad spectrum sunscreen, keeping your skin safe from both the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  Your skin can absorb the sun’s rays while driving, walking to the mailbox, or even sitting near a window indoors, so using a moisturizer with SPF should be part of your daily routine. 

Try Cover Recover from Dp Dermaceuticals as your multi-tasking healing cream with SPF.  This all in one gem heals, protects and covers in a lightweight, buildable cream that is available in 8 shades plus clear and sheer, so you’ll have no problem finding the right shade for your skin.  Not only will your skin be shielded from UV rays, Cover Recover will guard it from harmful bacteria and environmental threats. Safe for sensitive skin like problematic skin, skin compromised by rosacea or after procedures like microneedling, Cover Recover is all you need.

Get your skin ready now and your glow will shine brighter than the glorious springtime sun!

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