Exosomes Serum: Can It Help With Skin Conditions? 

Exosomes Serum: Can It Help With Skin Conditions? 

What if 2023 is the year you can rewrite your skin’s journey - and from the comfort of your own home?

Innovation in aesthetics is growing exponentially and Dp Derm is right in the middle of it. The Dp Dermaceuticals line has been the leader for biocompatible, clinically proven skincare for years and now, it brings you the hottest skincare innovation of 2023: exosomes serum for at-home use.


What are Exosomes?

An Exosome is a tiny vesicle found in cells, particularly in human stem cells. Exosomes contain biomolecules such as lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. They play a vital role in intercellular communication and act as messengers from stem cells to other cells.

Can Exosomes help with aging skin?

As a result of their intercellular communication, they are integral in the processes of tissue healing, regeneration and repair. This makes them effective in correcting a wide variety of skin concerns, including reducing visible signs of aging by enhancing collagen synthesis, angiogenesis, and cellular proliferation.

Exosomes also promote wound healing by speeding up wound closure, reducing cicatricial healing/scar formation, regulating collagen fiber distribution and supporting the regeneration of adnexa (skin appendages, including hair and sebaceous glands, nerves and blood vessels) via TGF- β receptor inhibition. It is argued that only human synthetic Exosomes have been shown to activate the regenerative factors required to promote effective wound healing, rejuvenation and repair.

Should I get an Exosomes Facial Treatment?

Yes! Another great thing about exosome therapy is that it’s appropriate for all skin types and indications. 

As with any treatment, it’s important that your treatment provider is using the most effective products - and that you continue the care at home. Dp Dermaceuticals provides the perfect duo for collaborative care:  MG-EXO-SKIN™ and EXO-SKIN™.

MG-EXO-SKIN™ is a professional-only serum containing ethically-sourced exosomes and is to be used during the in-clinic treatment. While it can be used in a variety of scenarios, it is designed for use in conjunction with microneedling. 

If you are a treatment provider, apply here for a free Dp Derm account to get access to MG-EXO-SKIN™ and other professional products.

Can I use an Exosomes Serum at home?

Yes! EXO-SKIN is one of the first exosomes serums available for daily use at home!

EXO-SKIN Exosomes Serum Benefits

  • Maximised potential of skin regeneration
  • Boosts natural cellular repair, signals for more youthful looking skin
  • Proven to help reduce the appearance of aging skin, pigmentation and rosacea
  • Ethically sourced
  • Promotes normalized and youthful regeneration
  • Renews and refreshes for revitalized function.

Will the Exosomes Serum work without professional exosome facial treatment?

While the EXO-SKIN serum provides exosome therapy benefits on its own, an in-clinic exosome facial treatment can give your skin the initial regenerative boost it needs, especially when done with the biocompatible MG-EXO-SKIN.

A professional microneedling treatment will further induce collagen and elastin production, prompting skin to boost its own regenerative processes. Coupled with exosomes serum, this creates the foundation for ideal results with the at-home EXO-SKIN.

Questions about exosomes? Email us at info@dpderm.com or chat us now.

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