A Guide to Holiday Skin Care

A Guide to Holiday Skin Care

Is your skin prepared for the upcoming holiday parties and gatherings?  If you’re not feeling Instagram-worthy, we have some tips to keep you glowing for the best selfies, all season long! We’ll help you shrink large pores, tackle acne brought on by stress and sugary snacks, and pamper your super dry skin. 

When you glance in the mirror, do you see large pores?  Shrinking them is possible with the right ingredients. When your pores are clogged, they expand and appear more noticeable, so always seek out products that are non-comedogenic and oil free.   Pay attention to the way you cleanse your face. Avoid hot water, as it can irritate your skin and make your pores look bigger.  Find an exfoliant suitable for sensitive skin. Use warm water and gently buff your skin to keep inflammation to a minimum and you’ll be camera-ready at a moment’s notice. 

Try:  Micro Derm Exfoliant by Dp Dermaceuticals is a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin.  It is perfect to refine and soften your skin, removing the residue and dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. Your skin will feel fresh and clean thanks to bamboo extract plentiful in silica which clarifies and purifies gently.  You’ll see a noticeable difference in pores, wrinkles, age spots and even acne scars.    

If the holiday season leaves you battling acne thanks to an overload of sugary snacks and extra stress, you’re not alone.  Many people struggle with acne during the holidays.  With the plentiful sugar-filled snack options, it is important to remember that foods high on the glycemic index can play a major role in breakouts.  When you consume snacks that contain sugar, your insulin levels spike, leading to a production of oils in the skin.  When your pores get clogged with sebum, you’ve set the ideal stage for P. Acne bacteria to run amok.  Have a strategy for dealing with those holiday treats by really savoring just a bite or two of your favorites, so you get the flavor without the sugar-spiking insulin bomb. 

Try:  Brite Lite by Dp Dermaceuticals will keep your skin clear with the help of kojic acid and licorice root.  Their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties assist in diffusing acne.  Kojic acid and licorice root are also intensive pigment regulators that can even reduce existing spots and discolorations, helping clear the skin by reducing the appearance of age spots, sun damage and freckles. 

If your skin is feeling parched and dry, making some changes to your skincare routine can help return hydration to your skin all winter long.

One way is to incorporate a humidifier to make sure air has ample moisture and to prevent the dryness that indoor heat can cause. Did you know that a humidifier setting of 60% can act as a natural moisturizing agent and replenish moisture for your top layer of skin?   Another effective technique is to moisturize right after showering or cleansing.  This way you’ll replenish the natural oils in your skin that are lost when you cleanse.  Keep your favorite moisturizer in plain view, so you won’t forget. 

Try:  Skin Veneer from Dp Dermaceuticals will boost your barrier function and give your skin the intense hydration it needs, especially in the winter.  Skin Veneer replicates the skin’s barrier function using proteins, peptides, cholesterol and botanicals to replicate the skin’s own protective layer.  Hyaluronic acid, by way of HylaFuse complex, is responsible for keeping the stratum corneum properly hydrated. 

Give your skin a little extra love and attention during the winter and watch it glow during the holiday season! 


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