Best Acne Skin Care Kit: National Acne Positivity Day

Best Acne Skin Care Kit: National Acne Positivity Day

Acne isn’t just part of your teenage years. It affects almost 10% of people of all ages worldwide. 

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes it as the most common skincare problem in the United States. Understanding what causes acne can empower you to build an acne skin care kit that tackles it at the source. 

Dp Dermaceuticals helps you bring clinic-grade skincare - trusted by skin experts worldwide - home.

What causes acne?

Acne breakouts occur when pores become blocked by bacteria, dead skin, or oil. 

Each pore in the skin opens to a follicle made of oil glands that produce sebum (oil) to keep the skin soft. This sebum can become trapped, clogging the pore and causing acne as the follicles continue to produce excess oil with nowhere for it to go.

An increase in sebum production can be triggered by a variety of changes, including hormonal changes, which is why acne breakouts are frequently observed in teenagers.

But as many of us know, acne can pop up well into adulthood. 

Investing in Clinic-Grade Skin Care

The best way to treat acne is by investing in your skincare routine. Clinic-grade skincare utilizes multiple acne-fighting ingredients that work in unison to create visible results.

This type of skincare has more concentrated formulas than traditional over-the-counter products. Dp Dermaceuticals products are formulated with synergistic, biocompatible ingredients carefully chosen to address skin concerns like acne effectively and with skin integrity in mind.

Acne Skin Care Kit

Are you not sure where to start with your acne skincare routine? Our Problematic Skin Starter Kit includes a 14-day supply of the products formulated to reduce acne breakouts, while keeping the integrity of your skin intact. As such, this five-piece acne skin care kit is suitable for all skin types!

It features the CLR foam cleanser with a non-stripping formula that helps regulate oil production and soothe inflammation. The CLR Lotion exfoliates the skin to prevent breakouts and hydrates to prevent future breakouts.

Brite Lite is a skin brightening serum powered by Kojic Acid and licorice root that reduces dark spots left by past acne breakouts. Cover Recover is a full-spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin post-microneedling. The Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Face Mask evens your skin tone and reduces dark spots, freckles, and sun damage.

Customers rave about this starter kit:

Tashsy said she was “surprised that my face started clearing up after using it for only two weeks.” Anna used this kit after her birth control led to breakouts, seeing a “noticeable” change within just one week.

Shop the best clinic-grade skincare for acne-prone skin. 

How Microneedling Can Help Tackle Acne 

Dp Dermaceuticals was originally formulated for in-clinic use during and after microneedling procedures, so we would be amiss to not address the effects of microneedling on acne-related concerns!

Once active breakouts are under control, microneedling, specifically with FDA-cleared DP4 microneedling device*, can help reduce the appearance of post-acne scarring, and many providers as well as patients have observed noticeable improvement in hyperpigmentation (dark spots) often associated with it. 

Would you try microneedling to reduce acne scarring? Or perhaps you already have? We’d love to hear from you!

* DP4 is only available for professional use.

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