Caring for Your Skin During Your 50s

Caring for Your Skin During Your 50s

At every age, your skin requires a different strategy to help it glow and look its best.  When you’re in your 50s, your skin has unique needs as it undergoes changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause, which have a direct impact on your skin and complexion.

One change is increasing dryness of the skin, which is a direct result of decreasing estrogen levels in the bloodstream.  Skin stays naturally moisturized thanks to estrogen stimulating the body’s production of oils and collagen.  What can you do to help increase moisture in your skin as it loses its ability to hold water?   Look for skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid to add deep hydration and protect the skin’s barrier function, preventing further loss of moisture.

TryHyla Active from Dp Dermaceuticals uses HylaFuse Complex, a potent humectant that employs triple molecular weight hyaluronic acid to give your skin deep hydration and comfort. This serum for dry skin has an ability to optimize skin penetration as it smoothes and plumps the skin to drastically reduce the visible signs of environmental aging. By acting like a second skin, Hyla Active serum for dry skin restores harmony, diffuses the appearance of redness, and will provide clinically proven results that you can see. 

Another change is the transformation of fine lines into deeper wrinkles as well as slackening skin.  Thanks to loss of estrogen and decrease in collagen production, you may notice less firmness of your skin as well as more sagging and larger pores. Oil glands aren’t as active, which also helps the formation of wrinkles.  Incorporating a product that contains retinol or peptides will help increase production of collagen in your body.

Pro tip:  skip long, hot showers, which can dry out your skin.  Always apply moisturizer, or serum followed by a moisturizer, when your skin is damp to ensure that your skin holds the moisture.


Try:  Vitamin Rich Repair from Dp Dermaceuticals helps to repair vulnerable skin by using neodermyl, a patented power copper peptide that has been clinically shown to revitalize aging cells of the skin and stimulate renewed collagen production.  By incorporating triple weighted hyaluronic acid with Vitamins E and A, you’ll see a diminishing in wrinkles as they soften.  Plus, firmness and definition will reappear as atrophied contours are lifted.

Hyperpigmentation is another concern.  Dark spots and age spots will start to appear more pronounced due to years of sun exposure. It is also a time when pre-cancerous and potentially cancerous lesions will become more likely to occur.  Talk to your dermatologist about scheduling a skin cancer screening and do not skip out on self-exams, as early detection is crucial. Whether you’ve always been vigilant about sun protection or you’ve grown lax about sunscreen, make it a point going forward to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 


Try:  Cover Recover from Dp Dermaceuticals. This lightweight healing cream is also a full spectrum sunscreen that will protect your skin from harmful bacteria, UV rays and other environmental factors.  Cover Recover is available in a variety of tones to enhance your skin tone, and will soften the appearance of fine and deep lines as it covers and soothes.

Don’t accept changes in your skin as inevitable.  Find the right products to help you rejuvenate and revive your complexion and feel confident in your own skin. 


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