Cheers to the Power of Resveratrol

Cheers to the Power of Resveratrol

If you enjoy a glass of red wine, one of the powerful benefits of this beverage comes from the skin of the grape…and it can do wonders for your skin, too.  The naturally occurring antioxidant resveratrol is a type of polyphenol- a natural powerhouse found in plants. It is instrumental in protecting cells against the damaging forces that lead to cellular aging. Although resveratrol can be found in cacao beans, peanuts, pistachios and berries including blueberries and cranberries, the skin and even seeds of red grapes have the most concentrated sources of this antioxidant. Armed with the power of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, resveratrol should be on your radar. 

Consider skincare products that contain this anti-aging dynamo to protect your skin from the myriad effects from sun damage, free radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants wage war on molecules that age skin which are produced by pollution, the damaging UV rays of the sun and by lifestyle choices like smoking.  The effects are a visibly noticeable improvement in skin, including the lessening of fine wrinkles and dark spots.  

Boosting your skin’s natural barriers with resveratrol is an important step in the fight against aging skin.  By engaging at a cellular level, it can actually stimulate healthy cell regeneration.  Not only does it form complex molecules to combat free radicals, it helps the body with collagen production, which is a winning combination for anti-aging. 

If you find that problematic skin and breakouts are an issue, resveratrol’s antimicrobial properties can restrict the growth of the bacteria that causes acne. If you use benzoyl peroxide to fight acne, resveratrol can boost its effects.  Rely on this antioxidant to calm acne inflammation and scarring by visibly reducing redness to soothe skin.  

Ideal for nighttime use, resveratrol is a potent resource to help skin restore itself while the body is asleep.  As UV rays may impact the effectiveness of resveratrol, it is most wisely used as part of your evening routine.   Studies have not found that other ingredients lessen the function of resveratrol so feel free to incorporate it in your nightly regiment. You can find resveratrol in skincare products including serums, moisturizers, creams and masks.  For maximum potency, apply resveratrol serums after cleansing or using a toner.  If you prefer to use it in a moisturizer, it can be applied after you cleanse and tone. 

From stimulating collagen production to the protection of the skin from environmental pollutants and exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun, skincare products with the antioxidant resveratrol can play an important part in your beauty regimen.  With an overall improvement to the health and appearance of your complexion, you’ll be a believer. 


Vitamin Rich Repair (30ml)

Vitamin Rich Repair from Dp Dermaceuticals is a perfect introduction to the powerful benefits of resveratrol.  The ideal pre-moisturizing step to your skincare routine, you’ll be amazed at the nourishing and comforting properties it provides as well as a noticeable softening in the appearance of deep and fine lines.  Safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, Vitamin Rich Repair will make a visible difference in your skin. 

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