CliniPrep™ - Pathway to a Speedier Skin Recovery

CliniPrep™ - Pathway to a Speedier Skin Recovery

CliniPrep™ is setting new standards for aesthetic skin disinfection practices, as well as at-home aftercare. Properly cleansed and disinfected skin is crucial for optimal and, more importantly, healthy results from any skincare procedure, including injectables, laser, hair restoration, and especially the more powerful treatments like microneedling.

Until CliniPrep™ landed on the market, very little had changed since the introduction of chlorhexidine gluconate in the 1950s, which a basic topical antiseptic and is typically used as an oral disinfectant. While it’s effective in disinfection, it doesn’t take into consideration skin compatibility.

The CliniPrep™ difference is stabilized hypochlorous acid (HOCI), which has a skin neutral pH and is non-irritating because the human immune system actually uses the same hypochlorous chemistry to naturally fight infections. HOCI delivers quicker protection against infection and has been found to have a longer shelf life while fully retaining its efficiency to fight infection. In addition, studies showed a significant reduction in healing time post-procedure, from six weeks to three weeks.

One of the major benefits of CliniPrep™ is its superior protection against infection, which is a potential risk after any minimally-invasive skincare procedure. The key to CliniPrep™’s success is that it is strongly oxidizing, which means it penetrates the cell walls of any detected bacteria but keeps the healthy cells intact and does not inhibit cell regrowth, an important factor in attaining desirable results from your skincare procedure. You want your cleanser to fight off infection but not get in the way of the healing and regenerating process, which is when you see results - CliniPrep™ achieves both. This oxidizing method also prevents bacteria from becoming tolerant to the antibiotic solution – a major plus in an antibiotic reliant world.

Another added benefit of using CliniPrep™ is that it is gentle on the skin because it does not contain alcohol or parabens, unlike other skin disinfecting products. It will not irritate the skin or eyes, causes dryness or redness, and doesn’t sting on contact. This makes it ideal for all skin types.

In a nutshell, CliniPrep™ provides ultimate skin disinfection and complete skin compatibility and is safe and effective for all skin types, from sensitive to problematic, because it works with your skin’s unique pH.

CliniPrep™ is available in two formats – commercial in-clinic use (500ml) and an at-home 100ml spray bottle for patient use after their procedure.

Whenever the skin is penetrated, even minimally, it opens the door to infection which can lead to many complications including longer healing times and permanent scarring, making the procedure a useless endeavor. To make the most of your procedure and obtain the best results, it is vital to use the right cleanser, to prepare the skin and help it heal after.

How to Use CliniPrep™:
• Pre-Treatment – removes makeup, oil and any other skincare products to prepare the skin and reduces the risk of bacterial infection throughout the procedure.
• During Treatment – ensures complete skin disinfection and minimizes irritation.
• Post-Treatment – recommended use two to three times a day to disinfect the skin, encourage faster healing time and reduce risk of infection. * It can also be used on acne as a great cleanser *

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