Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Skincare Cabinet?

Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Skincare Cabinet?

Doing some Spring Cleaning? When it comes to your skin care, sure you are stocked with the right products, not a lot of products. Those workhorses that do more in one bottle what other products will do in three. 

We live in an era of “more is more”, but with skincare – and maybe a few other things – it pays to take it back to basics: less is more, quality over quantity, simplicity is best. By doing a bit of research into what your skincare products actually do, you can avoid over-spending and over-buying and choose good, quality products that are more efficient and develop a skincare routine you can do with your eyes closed.   

It’s also worth noting that good products should be invested in. Meaning, some will cost you more than others and it’s helpful to know when you should splurge and when a drug store option works just as well. 

A simple and effective skincare routine doesn’t need to be too involved. The following are our recommended products for clean, glowing, youthful skin. The exception of course being if you are recovering from a procedure or treatment, in which case you may need to add a specialty product to ensure the best results. 


Cleanser – This is the first step in your routine and sets the stage for the next steps. Choose something that is free of soaps, fragrances and dyes, as to not irritate your skin. An investment here, such as our CLR Foam Cleanser which has antibacterial properties to combat breakouts, as well as other performance ingredients to fight aging and soothe the skin, is that “workhorse” type of product that packs a punch vs just cleansing, which is more likely what you will find at a drugstore. 

Toner – This balances the skin, wiping away excess dirt and oil while hydrating and repairing problem areas – redness, blemishes, enlarged pores, etc. It also gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, allowing your consecutive products to penetrate the skin better. Witch Hazel and Micellar Water are excellent drugstore options – avoid anything with alcohol – and for a specialized product the CLR L otion has a multitude of skin-bettering benefits. 

Serum – This is a product that really helps with everything, from redness, to uneven texture, acne, oil and dryness. While there are many different options out there, most are vitamin-forward and penetrate deep into the skin to deliver essential benefits. 

Anti-Aging – There are many anti-aging products you can use, but the most universally effective is retinol or retinal – more gentle and stronger, respectfully. Packed with vitamin A, it’s a powerhouse aging buster and just makes your skin all-around better. Our Retinal Active is powerful, yet gentle enough for everyday use, which is usually uncommon for retinal products. If you have very sensitive skin, it’s recommended to start with a retinol or use the retinal once a week, until your skin builds up a better tolerance. Invest here as some drugstore brand can be particularly harsh on the skin. 


Weekly “Stronger” Product – It’s good practice to give your skin a good deep cleaning about once a week with a stronger product than you use every day. Depending on what your skincare needs are and your skin type, you can experiment with different acid-based toners/lotions, a peel, a retinal if you are already using retinol, mask, or chemical exfoliator. It’s definitely advisable to splurge here as you are only using the product sparingly, invest in something you know is going to work and not just strip your skin dry. 

Moisturizer – This is an essential step to hydrate and smooth the skin and add a protective barrier from environmental factors and free-radicals. Moisturizing is also super-important for anti-aging – don’t forget the neck! Simple is best here, so choose a product that is free of fragrance and color. 

SPF – A good frame of reference is an SPF 30 that is specifically made for the face, so look for a non-comedogenic label on the bottle. Generally, any drugstore skincare line is suitable as your daily SPF. However, for post-treatment or sensitive skin, make sure to use a high-quality physical sunscreen, like Cover Recover, which boasts numerous other benefits. 

Here is a good example routine, using these products: 

AM: Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF

PM: Cleanser, toner, serum, retinol/retinal, *once a week: acid peel, mask, exfoliant, etc.*, moisturizer.


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