Dp4 Microneedling Pen: Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Per Heden Co-Host NYC Launch

Dp4 Microneedling Pen: Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Per Heden Co-Host NYC Launch

Did you know? Microneedling is positioned to grow almost 8% year over year between 2023 and 2028. Will the microneedling system you’re using deliver the results your patients desire and keep them loyal to your practice?

Leading microneedling innovation is the Dp4 Microneedling System, featuring the FDA-cleared Dp4 Professional Microneedling Pen and its accompanying clinic-grade Dp Dermaceuticals, specifically formulated to elevate microneedling results. 

On October 23rd, 2023, Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Per Heden will introduce this game-changer to the medical aesthetics community of New York City.

The Dp4 Microneedling Pen: FDA-Cleared Scar Treatment Device

While the Dp4 Microneedling Pen effectively addresses facial acne scars with its dedicated "ST" setting, its utility goes beyond just scar treatment. With its ability to generate micro-channels at speeds surpassing its competitors, it ensures shorter treatment times and remarkable results.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Automated warranty registration, updates, and support.
  • Scar Treatment Setting: A dedicated "ST" setting optimized for addressing scars.
  • Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle™ (AOVN) Technology: Up-and-down needle motion for enhanced speed and safety.
  • AOVN™ Retention Valves: Ensuring superior penetration without any drag.
  • Dual Power Operation: The convenience of going cordless or using a power source.

Dp4 Launch: An Evening of Discovery and Networking


The Dp4 launch event isn’t just a product unveiling; it’s an immersive experience to set you up for success with microneedling in 2024 and beyond:

  • Meet and interact with luminaries Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Per Heden, diving deep into the world of Dp4 and Dp Dermaceuticals.
  • Connect with medical professionals from the aesthetic realm.
  • Take advantage of exclusive offers on select Dp Dermaceuticals products.
  • Participate in a raffle and stand a chance to win exciting Dp Dermaceuticals EXO-SKIN Exosome product packages - each valued at $1,350!

Dr. Doris Day: The Visionary of Aesthetics

Dr. Doris Day, MD, is more than a leading dermatologist; she’s a force that shapes the contours of cosmetic and clinical dermatology. With an illustrious career marked by pioneering research, industry mentorship, and media appearances, her association with the Dp4 speaks volumes about its potential in the industry.

You’re Invited! Explore The Future of Microneedling

Event Details:

  • Date: Monday, October 23rd
  • Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Venue: NYC | Secure your space today for details. 

RSVP NOW | Limited space available!

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