Exosome Therapy: Why It’s A Must-Have For Anti-Aging

Exosome Therapy: Why It’s A Must-Have For Anti-Aging

Exosome therapy is a new frontier in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. It has gained attention in recent years and for the right reasons. Exosome therapy is particularly fascinating for people who prefer non-invasive anti-aging therapy.

But what exactly are exosomes? And how do they combat anti-aging? This article covers some of the more interesting facts about the therapy and its benefits.

What Are Exosomes?

Human cells consist of different components called organelles. These organelles have different functions, like cellular respiration, defense, and excretion. Exosomes are an example of one of such organelles. They are responsible for relaying signals from one group of cells to another. Exosomes are produced as membrane-bound bubble-like particles containing proteins, DNA, microRNA, mRNA, circular RNA, long noncoding RNA, etc.

Scientists believe that exosomes work as a messaging device between cells, transmitting important information that affects cellular actions like coagulation, waste management, and regeneration. This feature makes exosomes a vital part of modern anti-aging therapy. 


What Is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy influences target cells by introducing exosomes derived from a number of sources, like fat and stem cells. This therapy is used to manage degenerative illnesses, repair tissue, reduce inflammation, and combat aging. It uses exosomes to instruct target cells in the brain, blood, muscle, or skin to regenerate and repair. Exosomes do so by attaching and transferring their content into the target cells, thus providing raw materials (proteins) and signals (signaling cytokines, mRNA, miRNA) that enable the target cells to regenerate and repair. 


Benefits Of Exosome Therapy In Anti-Aging

Physical signs of aging, like wrinkling and discoloration, start to appear on the human skin with age. This happens due to progressively lessened ability of skin cells to regenerate. Exosomes slow this process as they encourage skin regeneration on a cellular level.

Laboratory tests show that exosomes delay the aging process by signaling the development of fibroblast cells in the skin. These cells are responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of the skin. Some other benefits of exosome therapy in anti-aging include:

  • Angiogenic Ability

Various changes, such as denaturation of elastic fibers, reduced levels of collagen type-1 content, and disorganization of the capillaries, appear on the skin as we age. These changes result in decreased vascularization of the skin. Proper vascularization is required for nutrient supply which is essential for healthy skin. The angiogenic properties of exosomes help maintain vascular structures in the skin tissue.

  • Collagen Synthesis

The dermal layer of the skin is damaged due to the fragmentation of elastic and collagen type-1 fibers. MiR-21 of exosomes is known to induce re-epithelialization and keratinocyte migration which help delay skin aging.


  • Regulation of Inflammation

Skin inflammation caused by barrier defects can accelerate the skin aging process. Exosomes have been shown to reduce the expression of inflammatory cytokines, decreasing inflammation symptoms.


How to Use Exosomes for Anti-Aging

Exosome therapy is an alternative to stem cell therapy in the field of regenerative medicine. Although exploration into its functions and full potential is still in its initial stages, its beneficial application in anti-aging is vast. It holds the key to better health care and fresher skin. Here are Exosome products for clinical and at-home use to boost skin rejuvenation and improve the results of in-clinic procedures.


EXOSKIN serum can be used at home after in-clinic treatments to boost skin regeneration and repair. As an important daily care protocol, the ethically sourced exosomes active in this serum also help reduce the appearance of aging signs and give you a more youthful-looking skin.



The MG-EXOSKIN  is used by clinical treatment providers during microneedling, as well as other regenerative skin procedures. This serum builds on and improves the results of clinical treatments to allow patients to enjoy even better clinical results.

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