Five Skincare Myths

Five Skincare Myths

We’re bombarded with advice from all directions, especially about skincare. There are valuable nuggets of information out there but also many inaccurate theories. Let’s look at some popular myths that surround good skin.

*Myth: Age spots are just unavoidable facts of growing older.

The term “age spot” is misleading. These brown skin spots that resemble freckles are not due to age but a direct result of years of sun exposure without protection. These spots can turn up at any age, including when you’re a child or in your 20s. You can absolutely treat these spots with niacinamide and vitamin C. To prevent more from popping up, always remember to use sun protection.

Perfect Product: To help reduce the appearance of sun damage and freckles, Brite Lite is ideal. With licorice root and kojic acid, Brite Lite can help regulate and reduce pigmentation to leave you with a luminous glow.


Brite Lite (30ml)


*Myth: You’ll outgrow acne.

This would be wonderful if it was true but it is a fallacy. You may have struggled with acne as a teenager and still have it into middle age. You may have never encountered a breakout in your life only to be plagued with acne in your 40s. After puberty, men experience a leveling out of hormones that may create less flare ups but women continue to have fluctuating hormone levels due to menstrual cycles and menopause. These hormonal shifts can cause breakouts around menstrual cycles.

Perfect Products: Our CLR Duo (CLR Lotion and CLR Cleanser)
This is a powerful combination that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes.
CLR Cleanser helps regulate oil production and aid in killing p-acne bacteria, you’ll enjoy brighter skin and reduce your chance of breakouts.

CLR Lotion the perfect follow up for CLR Foam Cleanser, CLR Lotion clears and reduces the potential for future breakouts, while hydrating and balancing oil production.


CLR Foam Cleanser (150ml)CLR Lotion (50ml)
*Myth: Drink water to help parched skin.

If only the fix for dry skin could be so easy! Drinking water is great for your overall health and although it is healthy for your skin, it won’t necessarily solve your dry skin issues alone. This urban myth doesn’t take into consideration that it is important to have a good functioning external skin barrier, which helps to retain water within the underlying skin. The benefits of using products that contain replenishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and omega fatty acids are valuable. They help to prevent moisture loss and improve skin.

Perfect Product: For the ultimate in luxurious hydration and barrier protection in one, Skin Veneer should be your go-to solution. With a potent combination of botanicals, peptides, proteins and cholesterol, which make up the natural protective water-in-oil emulsion of the skin, you can depend on Skin Veneer to replicate the skin’s natural barrier function like a veneer layer.


Skin Veneer (50ml)


*Myth: You should only use a product labeled night cream every evening.

There isn’t a difference between daytime and nighttime moisturizers except that one worn in the daytime may offer sun protection in the form of an SPF. Your skin isn’t working overtime at night to repair itself. Every second of the day and night, the skin is producing skin cells. Your skin isn’t driven by a clock and doesn’t have a schedule for repair. Outside of the SPF factor, a moisturizer that works well for your skin issues will work well day or night.


Perfect Product: Vitamin Rich Repair is a clinic-grade product that replenishes and repairs skin and can be used day or night.  It helps to strengthen the integrity of the skin using triple-weighted hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. 


Vitamin Rich Repair (30ml)


*Myth: Your skin adapts to products and they lose effectiveness.

In the same way that a healthy diet is always good for you, skin care products made of good ingredients that work well for you are not going to suddenly stop working. You may see results slow down, which is normal. If your skincare products are achieving a goal that you were striving to achieve, the results are more dramatic as your skin transforms from problematic to better. Once you’ve hit your skincare goals, the continued results are never as noticeable as when you started out with skin issues.

Perfect Products:
To discover a routine that will work for your specific skin care needs, check out the amazing products in the Dp Dermaceuticals line, especially our Starter Kits. Suitable for all skin types, these kits contain generous travel size popular products that will give you the tools to change your skin and a routine to guide you through the process. We offer kits including Anti-Aging Starter Kit, Brightening Starter Kit, Pre Post Protocol Starter Kit and Problematic Skin Starter Kit. Find the right one for you here:


Brightening Starter Kit 


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