Help for Problematic Skin

Help for Problematic Skin

Problematic Skin Starter Kit (Acne Skin Care Kit)


If battling breakouts has become the norm or if maskne is getting on your last good nerve, there is good news. You can enjoy relief for problematic skin.

During an acne flare, a hair follicle fills with sebum oil, dead skin cells and can contain bacteria, leading to redness, inflammation and swelling. The pores become clogged and push the contents to the surface of the skin. If there is no inflammation but the pore is clogged, it is known as comedone. If the comedone is closed, it is a whitehead and looks to the eye to be yellow or white at the tip. If the comedone is open and contains a black plug, you’ve got a blackhead. The bacteria and oil in the pore turns black when exposed to air. A pimple is slightly different than blackheads and whiteheads as it forms when a plugged hair follicle contains bacteria, which results in red pimples and inflammation. Cystic acne happens when oil, skin cells and bacteria are trapped deep inside the pore and forms acne underneath the skin’s surface.

The reasons for breakouts are varied but there are some common causes. Stress is one. When the body is stressed, it releases corticotrophin-releasing hormone which triggers the release of inflammatory cytokines and promotes the production of oil, which can clog pores. High glycemic foods can exacerbate acne as highly processed foods cause blood sugar levels to spike. The body produces more insulin which can increase the production of sebum. Being dehydrated can impact breakouts since when our skin is dehydrated, oil production increases which can trigger a breakout. Smoking has been linked to studies that suggest it may alter the composition and production of sebum, leading to acne.

Maskne or mask acne is not a new concept as medical professionals who are required to wear masks for long shifts at work have been experiencing it for ages. But for many of us, maskne is a new result of masking up when going in public due to the global pandemic.

Maskne covers a few different skin conditions impacted by wearing a face mask. Acne is one. Another is rosacea as mask wearing can cause flare ups. Contact dermatitis occurs when you’re sensitive or allergic to the material of your mask, causing a red rash along with blisters and irritation. Folliculitis of an infection of your hair follicles, causes bumps that look like an acne breakout with possible pain or itchiness. Having these conditions may make you more prone to dealing with maskne.

If your skin is craving relief there is help. Dp Dermaceuticals Problematic Skin Starter Kit can be your best ally in the fight against inflammation and acne. With these generous sized travel portions of powerful clinic-grade products, your skin will feel hydrated while oil control is balanced and the potential for future breakouts is reduced. This ultimate acne skin care kit contains everything you need including:

*CLR Foam Cleanser: Our effective mix of natural amino acids, honey, salts, and herbal and fruit extracts regulates oil production and helps kill p-acne bacteria as well as soothes inflammation.


CLR Foam Cleanser (150ml)


*CLR LotionThis amazing product exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and reduces excess of pore-clogging oils. 


CLR Lotion (50ml)


*Brite Lite: With natural powerhouse ingredients like licorice root and kojic acid, which contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements to relieve acne. 


Brite Lite (30ml)


*Cover Recover in three shades: Sheer, Beige and Tawny: Our healing cream, full spectrum sunscreen and lightweight cover up protects the skin from harmful bacteria and UV rays and provides cooling coverage when breakouts are an issue.


Cover Recover (20ml)


*Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Face Mask: Ideal for problematic skin, this soothing mask contains Hylafuse Complex, a triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex that promotes maximum hydration.


Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Face Mask (Box of 5)


Life without breakouts is possible. Find your new skin care routine here:

Problematic Skin Starter Kit:

CLR Foam Cleanser:

CLR Lotion:

Brite Lite:

Cover Recover:

Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Face Mask:

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