How Blue Light Affects Skin

How Blue Light Affects Skin

We all know that digital eye strain is a reality. But can screen time do a number on your skin? 

YES! Blue light from your electronic devices damages skin. In as little as 60 minutes of exposure, blue light can trigger changes in your skin cells like cell shrinkage and speeding up the aging process. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were already spending a large percentage of our waking hours staring at screens. With the pandemic keeping us away from many of our regular activities, we spend even more time than usual indoors in front of screens, substantially increasing our exposure to blue light.


What is blue light?

The acronym ROY G BIV stands for the colors in the visible light spectrum, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Together, these colors make the white light you see when the sun shines. The main source of blue light that we are exposed to is the sun, but we get a significant amount from our screens and indoor lighting, as well. Your TV screens, Smartphone, tablets and laptops emit blue light in the form of short-wavelength blue/violet band. Fluorescent and LED light bulbs are also a source of blue light.

Blue light affects your skin in a similar way to UV rays. Studies suggest that blue light may penetrate skin, generate free radicals and initiate a break down in collagen, which leads to wrinkles and skin laxity. An excess of blue light can contribute to brown spots and hyperpigmentation like melasma, especially in deeper skin tones.

On the positive side, when properly directed, blue light can be used for its medicinal properties, like in healing patients with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis, mild to moderate acne, actinic keratosis or scaly bumps, or as a part of photodynamic therapy to kill cancer cells. But spending time in front of screens is taking its toll on your skin, so now is the time to do something to stop the damage.

Protecting your skin is easy and effective, if you use the right protocol. Layering skincare products correctly can result in tackling multiple skin concerns effectively and helps ingredients to work synergistically, which enhances their effects. When you’re dealing with an issue as powerful as blue light, the perfect protocol can be like creating art or harnessing science. Dp Dermaceuticals has the solution.


Start with Antioxidant Cocktail, an anti-aging environmental shield that is a powerhouse against free radical attacks. Using Antioxidant Cocktail as your first step will help diffuse the aging effects of stress, pollution and prolonged sun exposure.

The next step in this powerful protocol is CBD Visssage, a hemp-based, non-psychoactive moisturizer that promotes calmness and acts as a barrier against blue light damage. This incredible moisturizer has been specifically created to combat the effects of chronic exposure to blue light, using the extracts of jasmine flower, rose, apricot and camellia sinensis leaf. Utilizing the power of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, CBD Visssage incorporates wagandys, famous for its restorative effects and skin barrier reinforcement. Lumicease is a proprietary blend of ingredients to confer blue light protection.

The last step in this protocol is Cover Recover, a silky, healing foundation that is breathable and protects the skin from harmful bacteria, UV rays and additional environmental factors. The cooling feel of peppermint oil seamlessly blends so it can be used every day as sun protection and will never feel heavy on your skin. It is easy to match your perfect shade with options like clear, sheer, ivory, crème, taupe, beige, warm beige, sand, tawny and cocoa.



Blue light regulates our body’s circadian rhythm or natural sleep – wake cycle as well as elevates mood and helps cognitive and memory function. Get the most out of blue light while taking every opportunity to protect your skin with Dp Dermaceutical’s clinical grade products.

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