How Can I Get Glowing Skin Naturally?

How Can I Get Glowing Skin Naturally?

If your skin feels like it is lacking radiance, there could be a number of causes like stress, lack of sleep and your diet.  Glowing skin takes some work and good choices but with a little help, you’ll be enjoying lots of compliments about your J.Lo-like complexion! 


Clean off that makeup. Yea, we know… you took all that effort to put makeup on and after a long day, the last thing you want to do is take it all off. But it’s a must! Makeup and dirt can clog your pores, so make sure that your skin can breathe overnight by cleansing and avoiding blackheads. Many makeup removers are alcohol-based, stripping your skin of moisture. The Tri-Phase Cleanser gently removes makeup while protecting your skin’s moisture. It is a triple-phase balm, gel and milk that melts away all traces of pollution, debris and make-up with a single application.


You are what you eat. Here are some foods to incorporate into your life for the benefit of your skin: 

Salmon:  the omega 3’s in oily fish are a good fat that can help your skin.  Polyunsaturated fatty acids protect your skin from the damage of the sun, repair damaged skin and ensure that cell membranes stay hydrated.

Avocados:  full of antioxidant carotenoids that fight free radicals, avocados are high in poly and monounsaturated fatty acids that keep your epidural layer of skin moisturized, so your skin is visibly hydrated and so healthy looking.

Lemon:  one of the most alkalizing foods out there, lemons are also packed with vitamin C, which helps to make collagen and elastin for younger looking, firm skin.  When lemons are metabolized, their minerals alkalize the blood and balance the pH of our bodies.  Having this balance keeps your skin looking fresh. 

Blueberries:  delicious and full of antioxidants, blueberries will fight free radicals, the enemy of skin and cause wrinkles, dry skin and a host of other aging skin factors.  Don’t forget, powerful vitamin A as well, which normalizes oil levels in your skin. If you’re fighting acne, include blueberries in your diet.


Look for products with natural brightening ingredients. Daily application of these brighteners can illuminate your complexion over time with effects visible in a matter of weeks. Our favorite brightening product is Brite Lite. Its natural ingredients reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage and even freckles, leaving you with a luminous glow for radiant looking skin. Kojic acid and licorice root help regulate intensive pigment and fading spots and discolorations. The result? Visibly brighter skin with even tone.


Hydrate your skin, not just your body. Drinking water is important for your overall health and your skin definitely reaps the benefits. However, your skin is the organ most exposed to the environment and it is tasked with the constant responsibility of regulating your body’s temperature by expelling water. As a result, your skin – especially your face, neck and hands – require direct hydration. Deep hydration can be achieved through regular application of face, neck and hand masks. Take a look at our collection of super-hydrating masks here. If your goal is brighter skin, our Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Mask is ideal.


Not sure which skin care products are right for your goals? Take our quiz here!

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