How to Build an Effective Skincare Routine

How to Build an Effective Skincare Routine

Finding products that work for your particular skin needs is easy but creating a skincare routine to get the maximum benefits from each one can be a challenge. Does the serum come before or after the moisturizer? How many times should I cleanse a day? By understanding some simple tips about how each step works will help you to use skincare elements to their best advantage.

There are four basic steps to remember:


*Empower with Serum




First up is cleansing. Starting with a blank, clean canvas is the beginning. This may seem like a basic step, but it is essential to remove dead skin, environmental pollutants and dirt twice a day. This will help you avoid dullness, acne and clogged pores. Selecting your facial cleanser is important. The main goal is to clean without stripping your skin of healthy oils.

Perfect Everyday Cleanser: Tri-Phase Cleanser is ideal for taking away pollution, make-up and debris with one application. It begins as a balm but morphs into a gel when you message it onto the skin. It becomes a gentle cleansing milk when you add water and leaves your skin hydrated, clean and prepared to absorb your next product.

Find Tri-Phase Cleanser here: 


Tri-Phase Cleanser (150ml)


If you’ve ever had trouble remembering which goes on first, your serum or your moisturizer, keep this in mind: you’ll be using products from thinnest in consistency to thickest. Hint: your serums will always be thinner ;) Always think back to this formula if you’re unsure.

Serums are powerful tools to use in your skincare routine. These elixirs are made up of concentrated doses of active ingredients to boost your skincare routine. A number of skin issues can be addressed by serums and some of the most popular ones include:

*Vitamin C, which helps to reduce pigmentation and brighten dull skin

*Hyaluronic acid, which strengthens barrier function to seal in hydration

*Colloidal sulfur and niacinamide, which calm redness by decreasing inflammation and improving acne

*Retinol, vitamin B3 and peptides, which stimulate the production of elastin and collagen to help prevent lines and laxity

You can target specific areas of your face and spot treat with different serums. Not all serums are applied with the same frequency so always read the labels before applying.

Perfect Serum to Try: Antioxidant Cocktail is a clinic-grade anti-aging environmental shield that protects the skin from free radical attacks while reducing wrinkles by diffusing the aging effects of stress, pollution and prolonged sun exposure. The rejuvenating nature of this versatile serum works thanks to a powerful combination of anti-aging antioxidants.

Find Antioxidant Cocktail here:


Antioxidant Cocktail (30ml)


Moisturizing is like putting icing on the cake. At its core, a moisturizer will soften and hydrate the skin by preventing water loss through the top layers of the skin. For all skin types, no matter what time of the year, a moisturizer is a powerful step in your routine and should never be skipped. The moisturizer you pick depends upon your skin type. Gels work well on oily skin, lotions are fine for normal or combination skin, creams help dry skin and inflamed skin can be helped by using a balm.

Perfect Moisturizer to Fight the Effects of Technology: CBD Visssage is a blue light defense moisturizer that was created to act as a barrier against damage caused by blue light from computers, smartphones and fluorescent lights. It helps to improve hydration and visibly plumps skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It contains 99% pure hemp-derived CBD that is non habit forming and not psychoactive but produces a sense of calmness and well being.


Find CBD Visssage here: 


Skin Veneer (50ml)

Protecting your skin daily is the final step. Cover Recover is a healing cream, full spectrum sunscreen, and a post-procedure cover up, all in one amazing product. Cover Recover combines ingredients that helps the skin recover from resurfacing procedures, while also protecting the skin from harmful bacteria, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can often make recovery tricky. However, it is the light, silky consistency of this product as well as the cooling quality of peppermint oil which makes it the go-to product for post-needling, as well as daily use.

Perfect Protector to try: Cover Recover! It reduces the appearance of inflammation and redness, nourishes, hydrates, protects, soothes, encourages intensive regeneration and repair, softens the appearance of fine and deep lines, provides good coverage without clogging pores, veils skin instead of “coating” it, just to name a few benefits!

Find Cover Recover here: 


Cover Recover (20ml)

Think of these tips and remember, the most important element to your skincare routine is consistency. Take care of your skin and enjoy the radiant results!



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