How to Care for the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

How to Care for the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

Worried about under eye puffiness or dark circles?  For many people, the first signs of aging pop up in the sensitive area around the eyes.  If you’ve ever wondered if you need to use a cream, serum or mask specifically designed for the eye area, the answer is a resounding yes! 

With few oil glands located in the area around your eyes, this delicate area craves special attention.  By selecting products that target this zone, you can fight the signs of aging and restore your youthful look, returning the attention back to those gorgeous eyes.  Environmental stressors and a lack of moisture result in dull, lackluster appearance.  Strengthening the skin in this vulnerable region should be a priority, especially since this area is more susceptible to irritants.  

Some of the most common issues that plague the eye area include fine lines often referred to as crow’s feet, discoloration, puffiness from allergies or lack of sleep, and uneven skin tone.  Preparing your skin for makeup as well as nourishing and comforting this region are solid reasons for investing in products that you can incorporate into your skin care regimen easily and seamlessly.  Having said that, while building an eye care regimen is easy and simple, like with all skin care, in order to be truly effective, consistency is key.  

There is a technique to applying eye cream or serum.  Most importantly, use very gentle pressure around this fragile area.  Using a small amount of eye cream, approximately the size of a rice grain or two, use your ring finger to lightly tap or massage it into the skin, beginning at the inside corner and slowly moving toward the ear on the same side.  An important tip from the pros is to use eye cream on damp skin rather than dry to encourage better and deeper absorption. It’s also important to allow your eye cream or serum penetrate into the skin prior to moving on to the next step in your daily skincare regimen.  


Try these gems to enrich your skincare routine: 

R.E.R. Rapid Eye Restore Eye Serum from Dp Dermaceuticals encourages refreshed eyes by combining a potent mix of anti-aging antioxidants and rejuvenated agents.  With a deep infusion of vitamin A called retinaldehyde, you’ll notice a visible decrease in the signs of skin damage from aging and the sun.  Deployed via an innovative roller ball pen dispenser, this powerful eye serum can easily be massaged into the skin for results that cool and refresh.  A key ingredient is bakuchiol, which has been clinically shown to improve signs of photo-aging, increase cell turnover and promote essential collagen production, without the fear of irritation. 



R.E.R. Rapid Eye Restore Mask from Dp Dermaceuticals is a vital tool in your skincare arsenal.  Contouring to the facial area perfectly, the soft spunlace viscose rayon mask can visibly restore this area to its youthful smoothness, targeting expression lines and wrinkles where they lurk.  The long lasting comfort that this mask provides also targets signs of stress and fatigue, such as puffiness and dark circles.  You’ll notice plump, firm, smooth skin that feels refreshed.  Escin, used widely to treat acne, acts as an emollient and soothing agent. 

CBD R.E.R. Rapid Eye Restore Eye Cream from Dp Dermaceuticals  provides safe, non-habit forming decongestant relief to your under eye area.  Packed with antioxidants, it can calm inflamed skin and increase collagen production.  CBD is a natural herbal remedy that is safe for all skin types and can reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress that occur on a daily basis. Able to deliver hydration that will make a visible difference, this eye cream will rejuvenate this sensitive area.

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