How to Reduce Dark Spots from Sun Damage

How to Reduce Dark Spots from Sun Damage

If you have been spending a significant amount of time in the sun this summer, then you may be noticing dark spots on your face and body. Anyone can get sun spots, as they are commonly called, but they are far more common in people with fairer skin and those over 40. Dark spots on the face are a form of hyperpigmentation, which is a common skin condition that occurs when the skin produces too much melanin. Your body triggers the release of melanin as a way to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure, which in turn causes dark spots or in some cases dark patches to appear on the skin.

If you are noticing dark spots resulting from sun damage, then you need to add an effective sunscreen to your skin care routine. Sunscreen stops the darkening of existing hyperpigmentation and protects the skin from further UV damage. Dp Dermaceuticals offer a range of products, including a full coverage SPF 30 sunscreen that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Also available is a Pigmentation Set which features products such as Brite Lite Serum, Cover Recover and Brite Lite Face Mask for Skin Brightening. These products all work together to protect the skin and to reduce the occurrence of dark spots. Products in this set contain Kojic acid, which is a commonly used ingredient in skin-lightening products due to its ability to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase – the pigment-producing enzyme in the skin. 


Brite Lite Mask

Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Mask is DP Derm’s Face Mask for Skin Brightening, which is infused with Kojic Acid and Licorice Root. This mask also contains DP Derm’s HylaFuse complex, which is triple-weighted to ensure maximum hydration and moisturization. These ingredients work together to give key benefits such as brightening and lightening uneven skin tone and reducing discoloration. Brite Lite Mask also works to minimize the appearance of dark spots, age spots, freckles and sun damage, and helps to reduce inflammation associated with acneic skin. 


 Cover Recover SPF

As the name suggests, this product goes way beyond the function of any other sunscreen. Cover Recover is a healing cream, a full spectrum sunscreen, and a post-procedure cover-up, all wrapped up in one amazing product. Cover Recover is the ideal SPF moisturizer for the face because it provides full coverage for your face and protection against harmful UV rays, and it also heals and restores any previous sun damage.

Brite Lite Serum

This serum is a potent skin brightening and lightening serum which pairs kojic acid & licorice root, thus forming an intensive pigment regulator that sedates excess production of melanin. This combination also works to fade existing spots and discolorations. The result is that the skin becomes visibly clearer, brighter and more even toned.



Antioxidant Cocktail

While it isn’t included in the Pigmentation Skin Set, Antioxidant Cocktail  \works brilliantly as a targeted treatment for uneven skin tone anywhere on the face or body. A key ingredient in this cocktail is vitamin C. Its antioxidant properties provide intensive environmental protection, and it also regulates excess pigment production and protects against premature skin aging as a result of UV exposure. The skin will then appear smoother and plumper, with increased clarity and radiance. Vitamin B3 is also included which is also regulated pigment formation and also serves as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness, irritation, and sensitivity.


Skin Veneer

Skin Veneer is the ultimate moisturizing and hydrating cream with a unique combination of ingredients that mimic the skin's own barrier function. The addition of Dp Dermaceuticals' HylaFuse complex makes it perfect for moisturizing skin that has lost its hydrating and moisturizing functions due to excess heat. This makes it the perfect cream, not for protecting against the harmful UV rays but for restoring the skin to its former glory by making it plumper, firmer and diminishing dark spots.

If you have dark spots from excessive time spent in the sun this summer, DP Derm definitely has the solution for you. Whether you choose one of our magical products or our best skin mask for skin lightening, you will get nothing but the best results. Our products contain the most natural and fast acting ingredients that not only seeks to reduce dark spots, but also to nourish and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized along the way.

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