Is Getting an In-Clinic Treatment Enough to Achieve Results?

Is Getting an In-Clinic Treatment Enough to Achieve Results?

No matter what type of skin resurfacing treatment you opt for – laser treatment, microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels – post-treatment skincare is essential.

After any skin enhancement procedure your skin will look smooth, bright and dewy, so you might be hesitant to use any products for fear of “ruining” the glow, but that is exactly the opposite rational you should employ. Skin needs hydration, disinfection, and sun protection to properly heal and give you your desired results as this is when the skin is most vulnerable to infection and scarring.

Clean skin is step number one and very important for post-care to keep bacteria and infection at bay. Our Tri-Phase Cleanser was specifically created to use after a procedure because it gently removes dirt, oil, debris and makeup without stripping away essential oils or interfering with the healing process.

Cleansers take care of removing topical impurities so to tackle deeper layers of the skin, a disinfectant is an ideal pairing. Witch hazel and grapeseed oil are great natural disinfectants that have strong benefits to reduce inflammation and moisturize while sterilizing. For a mild but effective disinfectant, CliniPrep™ is a one-and-done product that minimizes bacteria while allowing your skin to properly heal. Because it comes in an easy-to-use spray, a few spritzes throughout the day – especially as the temperatures continue to rise – will do wonders in keeping your skin clean and clear.

It’s best to avoid any acid-based cleansers, retinoids, and harsh exfoliants for at least two weeks post-treatment. Steer clear of make-up for a few days to allow the skin to breathe and remember to use clean brushes when you do apply foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc.

After properly cleansing, the skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized. Resurfacing treatments remove the top layers of the skin which – if not hydrated and moisturized – can make it dry and cracked which leads to breakouts, scabbing and makes it more susceptible to bacteria. Hydrate from within by drinking lots of water and using hydrating products such as hyaluronic acid. Moisturizers and serums will create a barrier between your freshly treated skin and dangerous elements in the air such as pollution, dust, dirt, etc.

Sun protection (link to sunscreen blog) is of the utmost importance daily and especially after treatments. UV rays will cause serious, sometimes permanent, damage to vulnerable skin. Always make sure you apply an SPF of 30+ and have it handy in your purse, car, or beach bag for easy re-application.

Following these post-treatment recommendations will make drastically improve your healing and recovery time. Remember that skin naturally protects itself so for example: if your skin is dry after treatment, it will produce excess oil which can cause breakouts, or if your skin isn’t cleansed and disinfected regularly and you get an infection, your body will naturally fight that off rather than putting efforts into your recovery, which we know now is how you get results. Each piece is fundamental to your eventual results and like a house of cards if one falls, they all fall.

As mentioned on our Starter Kit page, we created an easy on-stop-solution for all post- treatment needs to clean, hydrate, and protect after any type of skincare treatment.

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