MG Collection

MG Collection

Dp Dermaceuticals offers treatment providers the MG Collection, a line of professional use products that can be used in conjunction with in-office microneedling treatments to deliver the correct combination of skincare ingredients for a variety of skincare requirements.

Each of the five products in this line is designed using the highest level of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and delivered in sterile vacuum sealed luer-lock compatible glass vials.  The convenient silicone dispenser nozzle gives the practitioner the ability to dispense the formula into an Anti-Contamination Management (ACM) sterile kit or to draw the product up with a sterile lure-lock syringe for precise accuracy during the treatment.

The products are convenient to use during in-clinic microneedling.  Simply select the MG Collection formula desired, apply to disinfected skin and move forward with the microneedling treatment.

The products in the MG Collection include:

MG-HA35+: This powerful and versatile solution was created to hydrate skin and improve the visible effects of aging including wrinkles, fine lines, laxity, pigmentation and overall texture and tone.  It also restores basal barrier function plus improves the integrity of the stratum corneum. Containing an unprecedented 35mg of hyauronic acid per mL, known as HylaFuse Complex, MG-HA35+ utilizes 3 sizes of the HA molecule, making it 150% more effectively absorbent than other forms of hyaluronic acid. Fortified with antioxidants, peptides, Vitamins A, B, C, E and Zinc, MG-HA35+ contains Calphasomes, a proven method to deliver both water and oil based bioactives.  Calphasomes aid in increasing the rate of skin cell regeneration and improve barrier function. 


MG-HA35: This potent solution is fortified with Vitamins C and B5 plus Zinc as well as HylaFuse Complex, the highly concentrated, 3 sized HA molecules of hyaluronic acid that is more powerful than the concentrations in most cross-linked fillers.  Calphasomes technology allows MG-HA35 to uphold the integrity of the stratum corneum and protect barrier function. 

MG-R.A.S. (Reverse Aging and Scars):  This product contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts that are perfect for treatments that target the visible signs of aging like laxity, wrinkles and dullness plus the revision of scars.  The addition of HylaFuse Complex delivers the formula deep into the skin.  Retinaldehyde helps to make MG-R.A.S. so effective. It improves the regulation of cellular activity which helps improve the appearance of wrinkles.  The potent component Darutoside has anti-inflammatory, regenerative and wound healing capabilities and is essential in firming and anti-aging the skin.  Copper peptides, centella asiatica extract and vitamin E complete this powerful product.

MG-BL:  This highly specialized treatment serum is the right product to help patients seeking help for unwanted hyperpigmentation including melasma, PIH, age related discoloration and sun damage.  Using the 3 different sized molecules of HylaFuse Complex, the key ingredients of MG-BL normalize melanocyte activity and prevent melanin overproduction. Kojic acid, a tyrosinase inhibiting by-product that has been taken from types of fungi is used for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to address pigmentation.  Another power ingredient is Uva Ursi or bearberry which brightens skin and lightens unwanted pigmentation. 

MG-CLR: This product is created to help patients who are seeking help to clear the imperfections of their skin, impacted by blackheads/comedones, acne, open mores and excessive oil production by using biocompatible extracts and antimicrobial peptides.  The ingredients in this serum help to reduce pigmentation and improve skin tone.  It contains the antimicrobial peptide oligopeptide-10 is not susceptible to antimicrobial resistance and is derived from fifteen naturally occurring amino acids.  Packed with additional anti-inflammatory agents like Boswellia serrata, licorice root extract and Niacinamide, MG-CLR contains HylaFuse Complex, as all of the MG Collection formulas do.

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