Reasons for Skin Redness & Ways to Manage It

Reasons for Skin Redness & Ways to Manage It

Anyone who has dealt with redness of the skin knows that it can be embarrassing and difficult to treat.  Skin redness can be a temporary issue brought on by a strenuous workout, or it could be a more complicated dermatological concern.  Other symptoms like itching, burning and dryness can accompany redness.  Let’s explore some of the reasons why you may find redness when you look in the mirror: 

Dermatitis:  Inflammation causes dermatitis.  There are a few types of dermatitis, including eczema which is the most common, impacting nearly 20% of kids and up to 3% of adults.  Symptoms can flare up during very hot or cold weather and can be aggravated by things like food allergies, pet dander and asthma.  Contact dermatitis, also known as allergic contact dermatitis, happens when an allergen hits the skin.  It normally only impacts the area where the allergy-inducing substance makes contact and can cause swelling and tenderness to the touch. Seborrheic dermatitis usually occurs on the scalp, face, and chest, due to the large amount of oil producing (sebaceous) glands there.  Symptoms can also include itching and flaking. Treatment for dermatitis includes medication and topical cleaners, but the best course is to avoid the allergen or irritant that is causing the issues altogether. 

Rosacea:  Nearly 15 million Americans have Rosacea. This skin condition causes redness in the face that resembles blushing.  There is no known cause, but hereditary factors, immune system concerns and gut bacteria have all been suspected to be at the root. The red rash normally occurs on the nose, cheeks and chin and can cause breakouts that look like acne.  While there is no cure, symptoms can be managed and kept under control, and may at times require prescription medication. Whatever treatment course someone may choose, regular application of sunscreen is paramount.

Sunburn:  When your skin is overexposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun, you can experience painful redness. Contrary to what some people may think, sunburn can happen even on cloudy, overcast days. It’s a huge misconception that if you cannot see the sun’s rays, you will not be affected.  Degrees of sunburns can range from pink to deeper red, with the skin often peeling after a few days.  Headaches and nausea may be present with severe sunburns. Rehydrating by drinking water is helpful and aloe vera gel can sooth itching.  

Reducing inflammation in your skin is helpful when dealing with redness.  Antioxidant Cocktail from Dp Dermaceuticals is a Vitamin-C Anti Aging Serum that fortifies the skin and aims to repair damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors.  Containing Vitamin B3, Antioxidant Cocktail is a versatile anti-inflammatory that promotes regulated pigment and hydration and most importantly, calms irritation and sensitivity while reducing redness. This Vitamin-C Anti Aging Serum helps skin appear smoother and plumper due to the potent antioxidant Vitamin-C. 

Cover Recover from Dp Dermaceuticals is a versatile formula that covers up redness weightlessly, as well as serves as a healing cream to improve and protect the skin. It features saccharomyces lysate extract, a probiotic yeast compound that is packed with antioxidants, reduces inflammation, provides additional protection against bad bacteria and helps with increased immunity and strength.  The light consistency of this healing cream has a cooling quality thanks to peppermint oil.  

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