The Importance of Consistency in Skincare

The Importance of Consistency in Skincare

What is the best thing you can do for your skin? The power of consistency is essential to having a gorgeous complexion.  This starts by creating routines using products that work well with your skin type and your specific needs.  

Constructing a routine that works for you doesn’t have to be hard. First, establish your skincare goals.  Do you want to fight the effects of aging?  Reduce pigmentation?  Or are you ready to finally put those breakouts behind you? By determining what your skin needs first, you can really narrow in on the products that will work for you.

How does consistency help?  Each night while you sleep your skin works hard to generate new skin cells. By creating a routine that you can stick with, you will be helping your skin to turnover regularly, allowing your skincare products to work effectively.  Remember, changes won’t occur overnight, so be patient and give it a few weeks for the products to produce noticeable changes.  Taking a little time each day to focus on your skin will pay off in glowing skin.

Remember to be realistic. If you set up a regimen that is too rigorous to follow, it will be hard to stick to and may do little but cause stress.  Results happen when products are used regularly. So make sure your routine is easy enough to follow to bring results. Putting in the effort now can prevent issues like wrinkles, age spots and acne scars from becoming more prominent in the future. 

Ideally, having both a morning and an evening routine is best.  Your early routine is best done after your morning workout and shower, when your skin is clean and ready to receive.  Help yourself stay focused by setting an alarm on your phone.  A well-timed reminder to take off makeup, cleanse and apply serum and moisturizer before bed can help you turn a mundane routine into a self-care ritual. 

Dp Dermaceuticals has made it easy to incorporate skincare into your day with clinical grade sets that target specific concerns.  For anyone who battles breakouts, the Acne Skin Set features our top 3 acne products to help clear and calm your skin.  With full sized products of CLR Foam Cleanser, CLR Lotion and CliniPrep, you’ll have the power to reduce excess pore-clogging oils, resulting in skin that is purified and balanced.  This all-in-one kit for problematic skin contains proven anti-acne active ingredients that won’t strip your skin either. 

The Age Defying Skin Set from Dp Dermaceuticals is instrumental in recapturing your youthful glow while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.   This powerful set contains Tri-Phase Cleanser, Vitamin Rich Repair, Retinal Active, Skin Veneer and R.E.R. Eye Serum to keep your skin looking young.  With the performance ingredient of Vitamin A starring in 3 different products, your skin will reap the benefits of Retinaldehyde, the most active form of Vitamin A available without a prescription.  Enjoy plump, firm skin with a visible reduction in puffiness in the eye area.

The Pigmentation Skin Set is perfect to fade the appearance of age spots, sun spots, freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentation and melasma.  Fighting back in two ways, this kit prevents excess pigment from forming as it fades the appearance of existing discoloration.  Brighten and smooth uneven skin tone while promoting a more even and uniform complexion.  This set features Micro Derm Exfoliant, Brite Lite, Brite Lite 3D Sculptured Face Mask and Cover Recover Sheer in full size quantities.

Boost your confidence with glowing skin.  Build your routine with Acne Skin Set, Pigmentation Skin Set or Age Defying Skin Set from Dp Dermaceuticals and see what a difference a routine can make.






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