The Magic of Uber Peels

The Magic of Uber Peels
Chemical peels are a powerful option to help transform skin, from reversing sun damage, to helping skin imperfections by removing dead skin cells, to targeting hyperpigmentation and fine lines effectively.  Available in a range of strengths and formulations, they work their magic to achieve a wide range of goals.  As a practitioner, you know how popular peels are with your clients. So what can Dp Dermaceuticals offer to fill that need?


A true game changer for your practice, our ÜBER PEELS quite literally mean – an “all-in-one-solution.”  These gems encompass everything so you can avoid using complicated solutions to achieve your desired results.  Safe and effective, ÜBER PEELS are ideal for use following microneedling procedures to boost results of treatments targeting pigmentation, acne, fine lines and various signs of aging. For ultimate flexibility, they can also be used as a stand-alone clinical procedure.  Let’s explore the two ÜBER PEELS available for purchase by practitioners only:

ÜBER Pro Peel is an anabolic peel designed to expedite cellular turnover while taking on the signs of aging, melasma, acne and hyperpigmentation.  This versatile formula is perfect to give practitioners the ability to address multiple skin issues at once while being safe to use on any skin tone. For a client looking for an improvement in skin that has been impacted by the sun, ÜBER Pro Peel is the tool that can make a huge difference.  It delivers effective results when used directly following a microneedling procedure as well as on skin as a one-off treatment.  Convenient to use, it can be applied with an applicator stick, a peel brush or gauze and used in up to three passes.


ÜBER MD is a potent medical strength peel exclusively created to enhance treatments like striae, atrophic scars, microneedling or procedures that address deeper wrinkles.  This professional peel is best suited for skin that falls in the Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1-3.  This powerful peel has a blend of actives that can deliver medium-depth coagulative necrosis in the target area or depression point. This effective peel is perfect to handle skin concerns like stretch marks, scars and stubborn pigmentation, reducing the appearance of these imperfections. ÜBER MD is only available for practitioners to use and can be applied using a precision applicator via a spot or line technique.


Both of our ÜBER PEELS in the range were created purposefully to work in synergy with microneedling.  For the maximum benefits, they should be applied immediately after a microneedling procedure.   ÜBER Pro Peel and ÜBER MD are self-neutralizing and there is no follow up care necessary after an application of either peel.  Advise clients to refrain from excessive sweat-producing activities and to avoid cleansing the treated area, or getting it wet for 24 hours.


Want to learn more about carrying our ÜBER PEELS in your practice?  They are available for professionals to use for their clients.  Visit to discover these powerful tools that will enhance your procedures and make your clients skin positively glow. 

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