The Mental Health Benefits Of A Skin-Care Routine

The Mental Health Benefits Of A Skin-Care Routine

The discussion around mental health has been increasingly more open, and the connection between mind and body more researched. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are sharing the role skincare plays in improving your mental health. As one study put it, care of the skin is "an act of kindness that sends a powerful message to your brain through either innate or learned pathways." We'll explain how skincare products can help you feel better mentally and share some tips on how to get started. Ready? Let's go!

First, there are a few things you may need to review from physiology class:

  1.   Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, floods our bodies when we feel stressed. It causes your breathing to quicken to push oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. It served us well when we had to run away from lions and bears because adrenaline would then make us faster and stronger for a greater chance of survival. But… your boss pressing you about a deadline doesn’t exactly warrant that type of response.
  2.   Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, is responsible for well, the happy feeling. Individuals with depression have lower levels of serotonin and increased levels of cortisol.

Now that we’ve caught up on our physiology knowledge, let’s dive into how skincare routines improve our mental health.

  1.   Touch - facials, massages, hugs – induce the release of feel-good hormones that include serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Studies show that a massage, for example, can lower cortisol levels and blood pressure. A five-minute massage can be enough to lower cortisol levels in the body by up to 53%. Yes! A face massage, or a facial, counts.
  2.     Routines, particularly those we enjoy, help our mind relax as it is in a familiar place that does not require further the processing of new information. If you are new to skincare routines or want to tackle a new skin goal, products like the top-selling Dp Dermaceuticals Acne Skin Care Kit is the ideal place to start because it has all the products you need to get the results you want – no guessing involved!
  3.     Detoxes are not just for your tummy. Using antioxidant skincare products like the Dp Dermaceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail helps repair cells from environmental damage caused by free radicals. Being that skin is our largest organ, healthier skin affects our entire being.

Taking care of your skin is more than the products you use. It’s a meditative experience. When you wash your face, for example, you're not just removing makeup — you're also removing dirt, sweat, and excess oil that can clog pores. The act of cleansing your skin is symbolic: You're washing away the day's stressors and preparing for a fresh start. 

As you focus on your skin, you are also able to better stabilize your breathing. This causes the parasympathetic nervous system — also known as the rest-and-digest response — to kick in, which helps relieve stress.

Elevate your skincare experience by only using products with clean, non-toxic ingredients. To kickstart a new skincare routine with ease, shop our popular skin care sets here.

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