What Makes SSSCAR So Effective

What Makes SSSCAR So Effective

When we sustain an injury, the body’s response is to repair the tissue that has been damaged, which can sometimes cause scars to form.  Surgery or acne can also cause scars to develop. Scar tissue is made up largely of collagen that covers the site of the injury.  Coming in all shapes and sizes, scars get a bad rap but are necessary and occur naturally when inflammatory cells kick into action to cease bleeding, stave off infection and close the wound. Scars form when the middle layer of skin known as the dermis is subjected to trauma and is torn.  Cells known as fibroblasts get to work and produce collagen to close off the wound. When too much collagen is deposited in the area of injury,  a scar is formed. This can manifest as both dents or pits, lumps, or discoloration on the skin, and often a combination of all three. Depending on the location and severity of the scar, it can not only cause physical discomfort, but also create emotional stress and greatly affect an individual’s confidence levels. While scars do tend to flatten out and fade over time, it is possible to speed up that healing process. 

Silicone gel sheeting has been successfully used to help improve the appearance of scars for over three decades.  Silicone has proven to be valuable in many forms including ointments, gels and sticks to help reduce scar size and discolorations.  Using a topical treatment comprised of silicone gel is normally one of the first methods of treatment.  Silicone gel has an incredible ability to not only slow down new scar formation, but to heal existing scars as well.  By increasing hydration of the stratum corneum (the top layer of the skin), it controls fibroblast proliferation and slows collagen production.  By letting skin breathe, a softer, less pronounced scar will develop.  Another way silicone gel is instrumental in healing scars is by keeping the scarred tissue safe from bacterial attack.  Since bacteria is capable of causing excessive collagen production in scar tissue, this is a key benefit. 

One of our favorite products to help skin heal better following procedures geared to improve scarring (such as microneedling and laser resurfacing) is SSSCAR from Dp Dermaceuticals.  Ideal for scars and stretch marks, this revolutionary product is not sticky, dries quickly and is odorless and transparent. It is also a perfect aftercare product for tattoo application or removal. 

Many products on the market that utilize silicone to help with scarring simply use dimethicone to help skin.  SSSCAR is unique because it contains a 7 silicone liquid sheeting system.  This means there are 7 different silicone variants working together to fight scarring and stretch marks by giving the skin the chance to retain moisture in the affected area.  

SSSCAR also contains zinc, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory with antiseptic and calming properties.  Speeding up healing and reducing the appearance of abnormal scars makes zinc a formidable ally.  Beeswax is included as it is a rich moisturizer, and, like honey, has antiseptic properties.  Safflower rounds out the potent ingredients because of its capability to illuminate the skin as well as lighten and eliminate dark spots both on the surface and further down in the layers of the skin.  Although powerful to help the skin, SSSCAR is gentle enough to be used at home on a daily basis until you’ve reached your desired outcome.  

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