Understanding Darutoside: How to Increase Collagen Production

Understanding Darutoside: How to Increase Collagen Production

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If you haven’t yet heard of darutoside, you surely will -- if not for its powerful qualities in helping the body heal, then for the incredible value it provides in skincare. 

The main source of darutoside is Sigesbeckia orientalis -- a small shrub that thrives in hot climates and grows in abundance in East Asia. The shrub has a large green stem with triangular or oval shaped leaves and tiny yellow flowers covered in sticky hairs.  The leaves produce a sap-like secretion made up of a crystalline compound that is very similar to aspirin.  Both sap and leaves have medicinal qualities and are widely used in herbal preparations.  Darutoside has the capability to stimulate wound healing and can even increase tissue regeneration via collagen matrix build up.  In caring for the skin, it can firm, fight aging, stimulate tissue regeneration, and has even been shown to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.  

Darutoside has a trihydroxy-diterpene structure, which experts have compared to the triterpene parameters of asiatic acid collected from another plant, centella asiatica, which is known to increase collagen synthesis, wound healing and matrix regeneration.  A study conducted in India noted that centella asiatica was helpful in decreasing the appearance of stretch marks, especially when used early on during pregnancy.   The study also  showed that centella asiatica was safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The similarities in structure of the two compounds helps to explain why darutoside is so helpful to the body.

Rich in emollients, darutoside is a powerhouse in fighting inflammation, kick-starting collagen production, soothing the skin and actually restoring collagen. This makes it a powerful ally in restoring skin elasticity and brightening the complexion.  

Two products in the MG Collection from Dp Dermaceuticals feature darutoside and can dramatically enhance the results of in-clinic microneedling procedures.  Packaged in easy-to-use individual luer-lock compatible glass vials, these professional-use formulas provide the practitioner the proper combination of skincare ingredients specifically targeting the needs of the patient. 




Potent and versatile, MG-HA35+ has 35 mg per mL of triple weight hyaluronic complex, giving it an absorption rate that is 150% more effective than traditional forms of HA.  With darutoside to combat the effects of aging, Calphasomes to enhance penetration into the skin, and fortified with antioxidants, vitamins and peptides, this potent product is a favorite of providers. 


The next product is MG-R.A.S. which stands for Reverse Aging and Scars, MG-R.A.S. is used to fight the visible signs of aging and for the revision of scars and stretchmarks.  With darutoside’s regenerative, wound-healing aspects, and Retinaldehyde’s ability to improve and regulate cellular activity, this is one powerful product. With the addition of centella asiatica extract, copper peptides and vitamin E, this is truly a wonderful addition to any aesthetic practitioner’s arsenal.  

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