Want Radiant Skin? Try Vitamin E

Want Radiant Skin? Try Vitamin E

Vitamin E seems to be everywhere you look, from moisturizers and serums to supplements. Why should you seek out Vitamin E? Let’s delve into the amazing properties of this group of compounds.

Sure, it is a vitamin but technically, it is a family of oil-soluble antioxidants. Of the eight chemical forms of naturally occurring Vitamin E, tocopherol is the form you’ll find in beauty products. Look for tocopherol in the ingredients of products to check for Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful ally for skin in treating disorders as well as helping to repair skin. Cellular restoration is a super power of Vitamin E, especially from sun damage. But that’s just the beginning. It helps to heal burns or scars. Now that’s powerful. Since Vitamin E is an antioxidant, it removes free radicals and prevents oxidative damage to the cells. Your skin is under daily attack from free radicals due to environmental stressors like air pollution and unprotected sun exposure.

Vitamin E proves beneficial in moisturizing and healing. It strengthens the skin barrier function which is essential in keeping in moisture. This powerhouse element has natural anti-inflammatory benefits so it soothes and calms the skin. Vitamin E occurs naturally in the body and can even relieve eczema.

It is not necessarily ideal for people who have oily, supersensitive or issues with breakouts. Some people have allergies to Vitamin E which can result in itching or even a rash as it touches the skin. Less than one percent of people are topically sensitive to Vitamin E, so that is a rarity.

Want to try out the wonders of Vitamin E for yourself? Here are some of our favorite products that contain the amazing powerhouse:

Retinal Active is an amazing clinic-grade product that works to reverse the appearance of deep wrinkles and scars as well as fights skin damage from aging and the sun. Containing Vitamin E, Retinal Active will arm your skin against environmental aggression. Apply Retinal Active in the evenings after cleansing and drying skin. Massage two to three pumps lightly until absorbed. Use every third day for two weeks to build up tolerance.

Find Retinal Active here: https://dpderm.com/collections/lighten-brighten/products/retinal-active-anti-aging-cream

Retinal Active (50ml)


Vitamin Rich Repair is the perfect pre-moisturizing step day or night and is suitable for everyday use. Hydrate and nourish with this powerful combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and triple-weighted hyaluronic acid. Not only will it soften the appearance of fine lines, it promotes intensive repair. Use after serum but before SPF.

Find Vitamin Rich Repair here: https://dpderm.com/collections/rejuvenate-replenish/products/vitamin-rich-repair


Vitamin Rich Repair (30ml)


TriPhase Cleanser is another fantastic way to incorporate Vitamin E into your skincare regimen. This purifying cleanser is ideal for everyday use. Apply to dry skin as a balm and massage gently to remove impurities like oil, makeup and dirt and watch it turn into a gel. Finally, it transforms into a gentle cleansing milk when you add warm water. TriPhase Cleanser is a game changer, thanks to the potent antioxidant of Vitamin E which reinforces barrier function and protection.

Shop for TriPhase Cleanser Here: https://dpderm.com/collections/rejuvenate-replenish/products/tri-phase-cleanser


Tri-Phase Cleanser (150ml)


Try skincare products with Vitamin E to see the improvements it can make in your skin.  You’ll be hooked! 

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