What is Niacinamide and Why You Need to Use It

What is Niacinamide and Why You Need to Use It

You may have heard the buzz about niacinamide and the benefits it can provide for your skin. If you haven’t added it to your skincare regimen yet, there are compelling reasons why you should consider it. Our bodies do not produce the specific form of B3, or an amide called nicotinamide or niacinamide. Generally, we need to eat it or use it in skincare to enjoy the benefits. Nicotinamide helps in numerous ways. It can aid in repairing damaged DNA and restoring cellular energy as well as reduce the immunosuppressive effects of the damaging UV rays of the sun. 

Niacinamide is a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3 and is responsible for boosting hydration, fighting the signs of aging, reducing dark spots, shrinking the appearance of pores, calming redness and brightening skin. Especially if you’ve been dealing with the effects of maskne and stressed, irritated skin, niacinamide is a game changer.  

Niacinamide is that unicorn of skin care ingredients that not only works with the substances in your own skin but it interacts well with the other potent ingredients that you are using in your skincare routine like peptides, hyaluronic acid, retinol, BHA, vitamin C, AHAs and other antioxidants. Tolerated well by all skin types, including rosacea-prone or sensitive skin, niacinamide can be found in a variety of products including moisturizers, serums, toners, sunscreens and concentrated treatments. 

Niacinamide combats environmental damage by strengthening the skin’s barrier as well as helping to repair the appearance of past damage by free radical attacks which leave the skin dull and drab. By renewing the surface of the skin to prevent dehydration, your skin produces ceramides. When the skin loses ceramides over time, skin becomes problematic with sensitivity issues and dryness. Niacinamide is a rock star in stopping transepidermal water loss.  

Pores benefit from niacinamide because it helps the pore lining, stopping debris and clogs from forming, which result in enlarged pores and rough skin.  Pores stretch and become enlarged when sun damage occurs, too.  Niacinamide helps visibly tighten pores, returning a smooth texture to your skin. 

Discoloration and uneven skin tone is no match for niacinamide. When excess skin pigment shows on the surface, these issues can occur, so using a concentration of niacinamide at 5% or greater can prevent new discoloration from appearing and can break up discoloration to reveal even skin tone. 

When you begin using niacinamide, you may start to see benefits as early as two weeks in but normally visible results occur at four weeks or more.  As skin issues like dark spots or enlarged pores don’t occur overnight, the powers of niacinamide need consistency and time to provide the desired changes. Use niacinamide topically twice per day, giving your skin the chance to absorb all the benefits.  As it penetrates the skin well, you only need low concentrations which won’t cause skin irritation and can be used in conjunction with your tried and true favorite products. 


CLR Lotion (50ml)


CLR Lotion from Dp Dermaceuticals will leave your skin feeling refreshed by exfoliating the surface of the skin, balancing acid activity and lightening the appearance of skin pigmentation linked to inflamed acne.  By using niacinamide, CLR Lotion can even help soothe redness from acne, eczema and other inflammatory skin issues. 

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