Winter Skin Feeling Dry? Heal it with Hyaluronic Acid

Winter Skin Feeling Dry? Heal it with Hyaluronic Acid

Spring may be coming soon, but the drying effects of winter are taking a toll on your skin right now.  Heal and nourish your skin to prepare for the warm weather with the power of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a polysaccharide, or sugar, produced naturally in our bodies. However, as we age, our body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid slows, resulting in wrinkles. Nearly half of our hyaluronic acid is located in the skin but it appears in your tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones, too.  Responsible for providing structure to your skin, HA gives that dewy, hydrated and full look that is associated with youth and health.  The benefits of HA go far beyond just an anti-aging wonder product.  It encourages wound healing, provides your skin with additional elasticity and even helps reduce redness.  All this being said, the property it is most associated with is the incredible way it can hold moisture in your skin.

If hyaluronic acid had a superpower, it would be as a humectant, a substance that enables skin to retain water. One molecule can actually bind up to 1,000 times its weight in water! If you are suffering from dry, cracking or itchy winter skin, transepidermal water loss could be to blame.  Also known as TEWL, this is the amount of water that is evaporating from your skin.  Your skin has three main layers, the outermost layer, or the epidermis; the middle layer, also known as the dermis; and the deepest layer, or the hypodermis.  It is natural for water to exit the dermis and eventually evaporate through the epidermis, but factors like dry conditions or injury to your skin can accelerate TEWL.

Using skincare products with hyaluronic acid can slow the rate at which water leaves your skin’s surface, preventing excessive transepidermal water loss, and Skin Veneer from Dp Dermaceuticals has just the ingredients to quench dry, sensitive skin.   Adding luxurious hydration and barrier protection in a single product, Skin Veneer is the ideal moisturizer for skin that has encountered harsh outdoor winter conditions like cold temperatures and biting winds, as well as the drying effects of artificial heat associated with time spent indoors.  As part of this formulation, Dp Dermaceuticals is proud to offer its own specialized hyaluronic acid called HylaFuse Complex

Hyaluronic acid molecules in their natural form are too large to pass through the skin, so the weight of molecules is instrumental to the effectiveness of an HA formula. HylaFuse Complex is made up of three sizes of HA molecules to penetrate and provide benefits to each layer of the skin.  HA with large molecular weight strengthens the barrier function and smoothes the surface of the skin.  Medium sized HA molecules hold moisture and give skin a plump look.  The smallest molecules go deep into the skin to ensure delivery of the benefits of hyaluronic acid. Triple-weighted hyaluronic acid optimizes skin penetration and the longevity of the humectants benefits.

Skin Veneer also incorporates an essential mix of botanicals, proteins, peptides and cholesterol to replicate our skin’s natural barrier function, adding a “veneer” layer to the moisturizing hydration it provides. Perfect for all skin types, this intensive moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin can help you see visible results that hyaluronic acid can have on your skin.

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