Age-Defying Skincare: Adapting to Skin Changes Through the Years

Age-Defying Skincare: Adapting to Skin Changes Through the Years

From the time we're young, we're constantly reminded about ways to keep signs of aging - like wrinkles and pigmentaiton - at bay. Yet, we tend to forget that as our skin and facial structure change with age, so should our approach to skincare.

What's perfect for your radiant 20-year-old complexion might not cut it in your golden years. Dive into this comprehensive guide that breaks down common skin challenges decade by decade. Discover how age shapes your skin and master strategies to always shine brighter than your age.


Teenage Complexion

Usual issues: Overactive oil glands, acne eruptions, lingering acne marks

Adolescence is a whirlwind of change. It's no surprise that the hormonal surges of puberty transform the skin in unexpected ways. Adolescent acne may be a reality for many, but it doesn’t mean it's easy. Dealing with acne goes beyond skin deep. It can affect confidence and self-esteem. But remember, teenage years don't sentence you to acne.

Adolescent Skincare Tips

Choose products that tackle acne multi-dimensionally without stripping vital skin moisture. CLINIPREP is a revolutionary antimicrobial that not only destroys acne-causing bacteria but also sets the stage for swift skin healing post-acne. The combination of CLR FOAM CLEANSER and CLR LOTION work harmoniously to maintain clean pores and equilibrium in teenage skin.

Complexion in Your 20s

Typical concerns: Initial signs of aging, lackluster complexion, under-eye shadows or puffiness

The 20s can be thrilling and chaotic. Whether you're a sun chaser or a night owl, now's the time to shield and protect your skin. As you navigate your 20s, your skin subtly begins to thin, as each year chips away at your collagen reserves. Moreover, your skin's innate defense against UV rays starts diminishing. All this considered, it is important to start taking care of your skin as early as possible.  Your choices today most certainly affect your skin's tomorrow.

Skincare Strategies for Your 20s

UV damage is a prime aging accelerator, so shield yourself even indoors. Apply COVER RECOVER SPF 30 daily, and remember to top up. Before wrinkles announce their arrival, introduce retinoids to your regimen. We're fans of RETINAL ACTIVE. If you have sensitive skin, start slow, applying every other day, building your skin's tolerance. And for those post-party mornings or after exhausting travels, rejuvenate your delicate eye region with an R.E.R. EYE MASK.

Complexion in Your 30s

Usual concerns: Prominent lines, sun-induced discoloration, onset of rosacea

Your 30s might find you more grounded and experienced, with a better understanding of what works for you and your skin. You've likely dabbled in varied skincare, maybe even explored treatments like microneedling or lasers. Despite our having had time to develop a better skincare routine, this dynamic decade sees a further decline in skin resilience and cellular rejuvenation. Reduced collagen and hyaluronic acid reserves further contribute to the issue. Some people, especially those with fair-skin, may begin to experience rosacea.

Skincare Guidelines for Your 30s

No need to fret though, there's an arsenal of solutions available to address these natural and expected changes. One thing is for certain, if your skincare routine leans toward “the basics”, it is time to upgrade. Incorporate the revitalizing power of antioxidants with ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL serum to combat rosacea flare ups and protect your skin from free radical damage. For those grappling with uneven pigmentation, BRITE LITE might be your best friend. It’s also beneficial to stick to a robust Vitamin A regime with RETINAL ACTIVE to hold off fine lines.

Complexion in Your 40s

Key concerns: Coarse texture, intensifying wrinkles, age markers, diminished glow

Celebrate the wisdom, confidence, and milestones of the past four decades. You might now have resources to lavish your skin that weren't feasible in your wild 20s. Nonetheless, this decade brings unmistakable shifts. All skin layers are in flux, as surface layers thin, mid-layers lose moisture retention, and the underlying fatty layers diminish.

Skincare Recommendations for Your 40s

Two magic words: Hyaluronic Acid (HA). While our bodies naturally produce HA, aging depletes this reserve. The catch is ensuring topically applied HA penetrates skin. The proprietary formulation of HylaFuse™ in many Dp Dermaceuticals ensures deep skin absorption.

These wonder formulations reach even deeper, promoting profound rejuvenation. Microneedling also enhances collagen and elastin production, ensuring a radiant allure through your 40s and beyond.

Complexion in Your 50s

Main issues: Dryness, acne recurrence, hyperpigmentation

Whatever new journeys you may be embarking on in your 50s, it's time to pamper your skin. Post-menopause, shifting hormones redefine your skin. Diminished elasticity, skin thinning, and pigmentation irregularities like melasma can arise.

Skincare Advice for Your 50s

Embrace gentleness. Your maturing skin deserves tender care. A cleanser like TRI-PHASE CLEANSER offers clarity without compromising natural oils. Pair it with a protective moisturizer like SKIN VENEER.

For clinical solutions, consider ÜBER PRO Peel for patients in this age group.

Complexion in Your 60s and Beyond

Primary concerns: Age blemishes, susceptibility to skin conditions, pronounced dryness

Turning 60 is a milestone. Maybe you're crafting retirement plans or launching a fresh venture. Whatever your path, this decade calls for a skincare revision. With advancing age, lipid production diminishes, and natural rejuvenation falters. Heightened UV sensitivity mandates diligent sun protection.

Skincare Routine for the 60s

Now, prioritize Vitamin A. Alongside nightly RETINAL ACTIVE, energize mornings with VITAMIN RICH REPAIR. Continue with your microneedling treatments and enhance outcomes with Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. masks to fortify your complexion. 

Flaunt Radiant Skin, Regardless of Age

The key to achieving and maintaining healthy, clear and glowing skin requires clinic-grade skin care. But it also necessitates a healthy lifestyle that keeps skin health in mind.

Here are a few tips to implement daily:


  1. Hydrate. Drinking enough water to support your unique needs assists in keeping your skin plump.
  2. Cover up. While it may be tempting to turn your face to the sun all summer, UV rays age your cells and can cause life-threatening skin issues. But the sun isn’t the only culprit. The devices we interact with daily - computers, cell phones, TV’s - emit high energy blue light, which studies are finding to be just as damaging as UV rays. Using UV-blocking sun block like Cover Recover and blue light-blocking cream like VISSSAGE can help reduce your skin’s exposure to these harmful rays.
  3. Clean. Cleansing in the morning and at night is great! But have you considered all the items that touch your face throughout the day? Cleaning your hands and devices like the phone screen with antibacterial, non-drying, screen-safe products such as CliniPrep can go a long way in preventing breakouts and infections.
  4. Know yourself. Understanding which ingredients in food, beverages and skincare cause your skin to react can help keep your skin healthy throughout your life!

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