Best Treatments for Resolving Dark Spots on the Face, Hands and Neck

Best Treatments for Resolving Dark Spots on the Face, Hands and Neck

NOTE: As a distributor of clinic-grade products and the FDA-cleared Dp4 microneedling device, we regularly share information beneficial to both audiences – skintellectuals and skin professionals. This article addresses both.

As summer comes to an end, demand for treatments to reduce hyperpigmentation - or dark spots - skyrockets. After all, we want the coveted summer glow, not the summer… spots. 

With the right combination of treatments and skin care discussed here, you can achieve both. 

Why do dark spots appear on skin?

Dark spots occur when there is an overproduction of melanin - the pigment that gives our skin color. This can occur due to various reasons, namely prolonged or unprotected exposure to the sun. It is often most visible on the face, hands and neck as those areas are frequently exposed to the sun.

Hyperpigmentation can also happen when skin is damaged. If you’ve ever popped a pimple, you may have noticed the surrounding, scarred area get darker. This is also a case of hyperpigmentation that can be addressed with the treatments discussed below.

TREATMENT PROVIDERS: Best Microneedling Protocols for Hyperpigmentation 

Microneedling is one of the safest and most effective treatments to address hyperpigmentation, if you are using the proper tools.

While microneedling is sometimes avoided on darker skin tones, the Dp4 microneedling device is safe for the entire Fitzpatrick scale range.

Credit: Tribeca Medspa

Additionally, Dp4 reduces procedure times and allows for faster visible results through its advanced technology. This professional microneedling pen generates millions of fine, vertical micro-channels, and can operate over 100% faster than comparable professional microneedling devices.

In addition to that, the Dp4 is the only FDA-cleared professional microneedling device that has a dedicated scar treatment (ST) setting.

While the device you use is important, the products you use during and after the treatment also create a significant difference.

Best Skincare Products and Treatments for Reducing Dark Spots

As a skincare line, Dp Dermaceuticals was designed to be used in a clinical setting to elevate microneedling results. Some of these products are only available to authorized treatment providers, while others are available for at-home use, including the LED masks and Brite Lite.

Brite Lite

Whether you’re a clinician or a skintellectual, Brite Lite is your partner in crime when fighting hyperpigmentation. This skin brightening serum contains clean ingredients that are relentless on dark spots but gentle on skin. Plus, it’s appropriate for all skin types! 

For Clinics

MG-BL is the clinician-only meso-glide component for use during microneedling to resolve hyperpigmentation that targets freckles, melasma, and sun damage. Additionally, approved clinics can get a backbar-sized Brite Lite serum for application immediately after a microneedling treatment.

At-Home Use

Brite Lite is also suitable as a pre- and post-treatment product to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation at home.

For pre-treatment, Brite Lite should be used for at least 2 weeks to prep the skin. It should also be incorporated into your post-treatment skincare routine to help prolong and maintain their results.

LED Masks

Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks are now available for the face, neck and hands! Non-invasive LED red light therapy masks are multi-functional devices that target pigmentation, signs of premature aging, and sun damage while improving skin’s texture. 

Unlike other LED masks on the market, Dp Dermaceuticals LED Masks use not only red light, but also deeper reaching near-infrared light! LED light therapy has been clinically proven to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and other visible signs of sun damage, while also boosting collagen and elastin production, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

For Clinics

Dp Dermaceuticals LED masks can be applied to the client’s face directly after a microneedling treatment. The masks are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing you to move the client to a different place, freeing up the treatment room, if necessary. 

At-Home Use

Safe for all skin types and tones, LED masks for the face, hands and neck can be used daily - unless otherwise directed by your skincare provider. Each auto-timed, 10-minute session leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and plumper. 

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