Exosome Treatment vs. Exosome Serum: Which Do You Need?

Exosome Treatment vs. Exosome Serum: Which Do You Need?

Are you looking for a way to reduce signs of aging and improve your skin’s health? If so, you likely have heard of exosome treatments and exosome serum

Let’s explore how these anti-aging solutions may work for you.

First: How do Exosomes Help Anti-Aging?

Exosomes play a key role in skin rejuvenation and healing due to their ability to transmit messages between cells. When it comes to skin rejuvenation, exosomes contain proteins, growth factors and bioactive molecules that help promote skin health and repair.

By boosting collagen production, exosomes can also reduce wrinkles, improve hydration, and protect against environmental damage. Additionally, exosomes can be used to encourage cell regeneration, hair growth, speed up the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation, and minimize the appearance of scarring.

What is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy, or an exosome treatment, involves the delivery of exosomes into the site of treatment, which triggers a response in the cells. This is done in a clinical setting by a trained aesthetic or medical professional, depending on the state’s licensing requirements.

How Much Does Exosome Therapy Cost?

Depending on the technique, as well as the size and location of the treatment area, exosome treatment in the U.S. typically ranges from $400 to $2,500 per session. Generally, multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired results. 

Is Exosome Therapy Worth It?

It depends! If your skin condition is not improving with other treatments such as microneedling alone, adding exosomes into the equation can make a remarkable difference in a relatively short period of time.

By utilizing naturally occurring cells to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, exosome therapy is a safe and effective way to achieve younger and healthier looking skin.

Having said that, while exosomes are very effective when utilized in a clinical setting, they only remain viable in the skin for a relatively short period of time, so it is worth noting that if you are looking to receive ongoing benefits of this revolutionary technology, you can…!

What Is An Exosome Serum?

A newer innovation, an exosome serum refers to a skincare product that utilizes nanovesicles (exosomes) and usually other active ingredients to promote skin rejuvenation.

How Is An Exosome Serum Different From An Exosome Treatment?

The exosomes contained in both in-clinic and at-home formulas help to stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, combat environmental damage, and improve the overall complexion of the skin.

The in-clinic formula used during exosomes treatment delivers a larger boost of exosomes via targeted infusion. An exosome serum, on the other hand, contains a smaller dose of exosomes, but is applied daily for continued delivery into the skin.

Which Exosome Serum Should I Use?

Because harvesting exosomes is such an intricate and advanced process, there are few biocompatible exosome serums on the market.

EXO-SKIN™ is one of the first exosome serums available for at-home daily use! This rejuvenating serum uses ethically-sourced exosomes to boost natural cellular repair, maximizing the potential of skin regeneration and reducing signs of aging skin.

Exosome Therapy vs. Exosome Serum: Which Should I Use?

The answer is… both! While each can be done independently, using both creates the best results as they support your skin’s healing and cellular regeneration.  

Think of it as embarking on a healthier lifestyle. While going to the gym consistently is important, the food you eat should also match your goals!

The in-clinic microneedling with exosome products like the MG-EXO™ penetrates the superficial layers of skin, providing a potent and more targeted delivery of exosomes to the treated area. However, to optimize your - of your clients’ - results, an at-home protocol of exosome serum like EXO-SKIN™ is a must, as it allows for a continued delivery of exosomes to the target site between clinical visits.

Are you a treatment provider? Learn more about incorporating the pro-only MG-EXO-SKIN into your treatment plan.

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