Biocompatible Skincare: Why is It Important?

Biocompatible Skincare: Why is It Important?

A skincare product is biocompatible if it works with the body’s systems, avoiding damage to the skin's physiology, which could cause pore congestion, irritation, or induce an allergic reaction.

Dp Derm’s customer base is composed of ‘skintellectuals,’ or individuals who educate themselves about their skin in order to select the right products for it to thrive. Biocompatibility is a topic that - while simple - is not discussed nearly enough when it comes to skincare, especially since it’s such a vital component.


Elements of a Quality and Safe Skincare Product


Biocompatibility is a vital and primary element of great skincare products. When our bodies recognize the molecular structure of skincare ingredients, it incorporates them into its natural processes and delivers the active ingredients to the site of action with little to no disruption and in harmony with the skin.

Simply put, if an ingredient isn't biocompatible, our bodies won't accept it. At best, that means that it won’t have the desired effect. At worst and more likely, it can become an irritant, creating cellular toxicity and chemical buildup. 


An example of biocompatible skincare systems is Dp Dermaceuticals Calphasomes technology. Calphasomes™ are derived from hydroxyapatite, which is a naturally occurring mineral obtained from phosphate rock that consists of a potent compound of calcium and phosphate. Both calcium and phosphate have a documented ability to penetrate skin without damaging or disrupting its integrity, as well as robust anti-aging properties.

Calphasomes™ are 100% biocompatible, biodegradable, and suitable to be used with all bioactives. Environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-irritating, Calphasomes™ technology is safe for all skin types and requires no additional penetration enhancers.



There’s quite a bit of confusion about natural v. clean. Natural ingredients aren’t always effective or biocompatible. Remember - poison is natural, too!

When searching for an effective and safe skincare product, familiarize yourself with ingredients that you may not recognize. Just because they’re difficult to pronounce, doesn’t mean they’re bad for you. For example, anthocyanins can take a few tries to say correctly, but they are powerful antioxidants derived from blueberries! Another example is hyaluronic acid. While it is naturally produced by human skin, the cleanest, biocompatible HA is synthesized in a lab.

Keep in mind that not all synthesized ingredients are created equal. HylaFuse complex, present in most Dp Dermaceuticals products, is a patented technology that enhances the delivery of biologically-active Hyaluronic Acid and key performance active ingredients.

Dp Dermaceuticals modern technology and conscientious methodology ensure that we source the clean materials for our products and even their packaging: Dp Dermaceuticals Barrier Body Butter sunscreen, as well as the NEW range of clay masks are packaged in biodegradable, recyclable sugarcane tubes! A win for the skin and the environment ;)

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