6 Ways that Blue Light is Affecting Your Skin + The Must-Have CBD Cream for Blue Light Protection

6 Ways that Blue Light is Affecting Your Skin + The Must-Have CBD Cream for Blue Light Protection

You may know of the dangers of blue light to your eyes, but did you know it can also be harmful to your skin?

Blue light, or high-energy visible (HEV) light, can be even more harmful to your skin than UV rays due to the amount of exposure. It has been found to accelerate signs of aging, increase free radicals and even cause hyperpigmentation.

The good news: There are several ways to protect your skin from this modern culprit, including a CBD cream for blue light.

FAQ: Does that mean my blue light mask is bad for my skin?

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Good question! Not necessarily. Studies show that the correct type of, and length of exposure to, blue light can be helpful to your skin. You have to make sure that the blue light you are using is the correct type and take into account how much time you already spend with high-energy blue light (electronic screens).

Let’s explore 6 ways that blue light may be impacting your skin.


Premature Aging

One of the biggest effects blue light has on skin is premature aging.

The blue wavelengths generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) which break down collagen and elastin, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. A study in Journal of Investigative Dermatology found those exposed to HEV light for just 3 hours per day for 1 month developed more pronounced facial wrinkles and crow’s feet. Blue light also impairs skin cell renewal and regeneration, further contributing to accelerated aging.


Blue light exposure can trigger excess melanin production, leading to dark spots, melasma, and uneven pigmentation. 

The inflammation generated by blue light sends signals to melanocytes to produce more melanin as a protective response. Those with darker skin tones are even more susceptible to blue light-induced hyperpigmentation.



The blue wavelengths emitted from phones, tablets, and laptops are within the acne-causing spectrum. Blue light penetrates deep into pores, generating free radicals that disrupt skin cell membranes. This leads to inflammation, redness, and increased breakouts. Those already struggling with inflammatory acne may find their condition exacerbated by blue light. 

Disrupted Circadian Rhythm

You may have heard that it’s best to avoid screens at least 30 minutes prior to your desired bed time. Exposure to blue light after sundown impairs your natural circadian rhythms by suppressing melatonin production. This leads to disrupted sleep and throws off skin cell regeneration. Late-night screen time is detrimental to skin health and anti-aging efforts, which is why it is recommended to reduce screen time before bed. 


DNA Damage

Studies suggest that blue light can induce damage at the cellular level by altering DNA structure. 

This photochemical reaction forms cytosine dimers in skin cells when exposed to HEV light, putting you at greater risk for cancer. While more research is needed, avoiding blue light could help prevent DNA mutations.

Skin Barrier Disruption

The skin barrier controls water loss and protects deeper layers from damage. Blue light breaks down lipids and ceramides that maintain the barrier, leading to dryness, sensitivity, and irritation. A weakened barrier also makes skin more prone to signs of aging.

Protecting Your Skin from Blue Light

The best defense against blue light damage is prevention. Here are some key strategies:

  • Limit Exposure: Reduce the amount of blue light you're exposed to, especially during evening hours.
  • Screen Filters: Use screen filters on digital devices to decrease blue light emission.
  • Skin-Care Routine: Incorporate protective skincare products, such as this CBD cream for blue light protection, into your daily routine.
  • Regular Breaks: Take regular breaks from screens to give your skin and eyes a rest.
  • UV and HEV Blocking Skincare: Use skincare products that offer protection against UV and HEV (High-Energy Visible) light. Sun protection products that contain the mineral sunblock Zinc Oxide, such as Cover Recover, aid in protecting skin against blue light.
  • Healthy Sleep Habits: Maintain a consistent sleep schedule to support natural skin regeneration.

Avoiding blue light in this tech-savvy world is easier said than done. Therefore, incorporating skincare that offers blue light protection is a must. The advanced formulations from Dp Dermaceuticals are specially designed to not only protect skin from blue light damage, but also repair it. 


VISSSAGE: CBD Cream for Blue Light Protection

Protect your skin against damage caused by chronic exposure to blue light emitted from smartphones, computers, fluorescent lighting and television monitors with CBD VISSSAGE!

This cream contains a proprietary blend of key ingredients called Lumicease™, offering targeted blue light protection and minimizing photo-damage. It also includes Wagandys, famed for its restorative effects and the way it reinforces the skin’s barrier. The sophisticated Calphasomes™ and HylaFuse™ technologies encapsulate the CBD, Wagandys, and Lumicease, ensuring effective and quick absorption.

The CBD used in CBD VISSSAGE is 99.7% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate, completely free of THC. It produces a sense of calmness, self-assuredness and overall well-being.


Cover Recover 

This multi-purpose skin camouflage combines SPF 30 with powerful ingredients that help skin recover from resurfacing procedures, while also protecting the skin from harmful bacteria, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can often make recovery tricky.

This all-in-one formula protects, corrects, and prevents future damage from blue light and UV exposure. Cover Recover is suitable as a daily breathable foundation and SPF30 for all skin types.


Embrace Healthy Skin with CBD Cream for Blue Light Protection

With smart prevention habits and products like CBD VISSSAGE Moisturizer and Cover Recover from DP Dermaceuticals, you can combat screen fatigue and achieve youthful, healthy skin.

Shop your CBD cream for blue light at dpderm.com!


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