Professional Skincare Products for Better Microneedling Results

Professional Skincare Products for Better Microneedling Results

This article includes professional-only products for microneedling providers, as well as maintenance products available to microneedling patients.

From boosting collagen and elastin production for rejuvenation to addressing rosacea and acne scarring, microneedling is beneficial for a variety of skin concerns.

To get optimal results from microneedling, it’s important to use products designed to help achieve those results. From the brand’s inception, Dp Dermaceuticals products were developed as non-negotiables for microneedling, making them the leading professional products for the treatment.



If you are looking to get the best results for your clients, consider these professional microneedling products:


The new regenerative force, MG-EXO-SKIN, contains Exosomes from the mesenchymal stem cells of ethically sourced human umbilical cord. Numerous exosomes can fit onto the tip of just one of the needles inside of a microneedling cartridge, making it possible to effectively deliver exosomes directly into the skin without compromising their integrity.

MG-EXO-SKIN, which is tested for safety, purity and potency, also contains antioxidants to fight reactive oxygen species, a potent triple-weight hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C and B5, and Zinc. This skin-correcting complex, available only to registered providers, awakens skin function giving skin a rejuvenated, youthful look.

If you are not yet a registered Dp Derm prodiver, apply here for free.

To maximize results, providers can send patients home with one of the first at-home exosome therapies suitable for daily use – Dp Dermaceuticals EXO-SKIN serum.

The combined approach of in-clinic MG-EXO-SKIN and at-home EXO-SKIN increases the skin’s regenerative capacity following regenerative skin procedures, like microneedling, and improves the appearance of skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, scarring and age spots.


Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER Peel duo, consisting of ÜBER Pro Peel and ÜBER MD Peel, works hand-in-hand with microneedling for effective results.

ÜBER Pro Peel is designed to enhance microneedling results and is applied immediately after the microneedling procedure. Active ingredients incorporated into ÜBER Pro Peel increase cellular turnover and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, fine lines, as well as several other complexion issues.

The highly potent ÜBER MD Peel contains ingredients vital to microneedling procedures and is specifically produced to tackle stretch marks, scars, and other pigmentation issues. 


The entire Dp Dermaceuticals lineup is designed to elevate microneedling results. Depending on the skin challenge you’re facing, you can choose the products to fit your needs. The best place to start is with our Starter Kits, the perfect introduction to the Dp Dermaceuticals at-home products.

One of the products that can and should be used daily following microneedling treatments - unless otherwise directed by a professional - is the following:



Hyla Active serum is an intensive hydrating serum that restores moisture to all skin types and soothes dry skin. This serum is available for at-home use as well as in backbar sizes for in-clinic use as part of a procedural protocol.

In addition to infusing a feeling of deep hydration, HylaActive promotes rejuvenation, giving skin a plump and youthful look. It also reduces redness and inflammation and minimizes the appearance of signs of aging, such as fine lines and pores. 

Performance ingredients found in HylaActive serum include: 

  • Hyaluronic Acid - a potent humectant that hydrates the skin and aids in the proliferation and development of healthy skin cells to strengthen the skin barrier function.
  • Zinc - is an anti-inflammatory element that aids the repair of DNA strands and accelerates wound healing.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) - this ingredient increases the integrity of the skin barrier. It also keeps the skin hydrated and improves its elasticity by reducing water loss from the skin.

Dp Derm’s collection of powerful microneedling serums can help give optimal results far better than other skincare products. Our collection of skincare products provides you with at-home improvements after microneedling. 

Think Dp Derm when you’re looking for microneedling and skincare products for maintaining healthy skin after microneedling. Dp Derm offers quality products aimed at addressing skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and aging signs. 

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