Celebrate National Hemp Day with Powerful CBD Skincare Products

Celebrate National Hemp Day with Powerful CBD Skincare Products

CBD has been in the spotlight with potent wellness benefits for both health and skin. But how much do you know about hemp?  In honor of National Hemp Day, let’s do a deep dive into the ways that hemp and CBD have changed our lives.

As a plant, hemp is eco-friendly.  A living air purifier, hemp cleans the atmosphere by absorbing more CO2 than nearly any other crop.  It keeps the CO2 trapped inside the plant as it grows. Hemp even absorbs toxic, heavy metals from the soil.   The plant gives back to the soil by increasing its microbial content, resulting in nutrient-rich soil.  Plus, hemp is a fast growing plant and needs less water than other crops to grow, making it a self-sufficient plant.

The field of energy has been positively impacted as well. Hemp has the capacity to be used as an alternative fuel source, known as hemp biodiesel.  Since it is made completely from renewable plants, this diesel fuel is a complete game changer, especially since hemp can be harvested in large amounts.

It is necessary to pay homage to hemp for giving us CBD, or cannabidiol.  Full spectrum CBD is derived from hemp extract.  CBD oil gives us a plethora of health benefits including anxiolysis, thus providing relief from anxiety.  A potent anti-inflammatory, CBD oil also reduces swelling, and as an antiemetic, it helps lessen nausea and vomiting. 

CBD’s antioxidant qualities make it an ideal element to incorporate into high-quality skincare.  CBD battles damage caused by free-radicals, which, due to their incomplete atomic structure, are constantly searching for an electron to add stability.  As this happens, free radicals damage your cells and DNA.  Free radicals are everywhere.  They can occur naturally in the body, but are also caused by environmental factors and habits, like UV ray exposure and smoking.  When free radicals break up collagen, your skin shows the signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation and thin, sagging skin. CBD’s antioxidants gather up those dangerous free radicals to help your skin look rejuvenated.


That’s why Dp Dermaceuticals has produced the best CBD skin Elixir, giving you the opportunity to fight free radical damage while enjoying the ultimate relaxation for your skin, body and mind with absolutely no psychoactive side effects.  For fastest results, apply CBD Elixir under your tongue for a sense of calm and effective mood stabilizing relief. Pure full-spectrum and non-detectable, the best CBD skin elixir is able to help all skin types by tackling pigmentation, sun damage and signs of aging as well as inflammatory skin conditions.  By calming skin, providing an overall sense of wellbeing and reducing the sensation of pain before treatments, CBD Elixir is ideal to use prior to procedures like microneedling.


If you’re constantly engaged with your electronics, CBD Visssage from Dp Dermaceuticals is your modern skincare ally.  Containing 99% pure hemp-derived CBD and hydrolysed pea protein, CBD Visssage is a blue light defense moisturizer.  It provides a barrier against the damage of chronic exposure caused by blue light emitted from computers, smartphones, television monitors and fluorescent lighting and helps the appearance of blue light damage.  Combined with natural allies like rose extract, jasmine flower extract, apricot extract and camellia sinensis leaf extract, CBD Visssage is proven to improve hydration and visibly plums skin. 

Celebrate National Hemp Day by discovering the amazing CBD skincare products that truly make a difference in our skin each and every day.



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