Finding the Best Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray for Your Microneedling Clients

Finding the Best Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray for Your Microneedling Clients

Microneedling, though minimally invasive, may open up a pathway to infections. Many skin care professionals have been struggling to find the right disinfectant spray for use on microneedling clients, ideally one that sanitizes without drying the skin. There are some key qualities professionals should bear in mind and be on the lookout for when choosing a Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray for before, after and even during any minimally invasive treatment. 

The ideal skin disinfectant spray should:

  1. Kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores, keeping the skin safe from infection.
  2. Be pH neutral.
  3. Promote faster healing times.
  4. Contain non-irritant, nondrying, non-stinging ingredients.
  5. Not bleach or stain.

DP Derm is proud to introduce our Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray, CliniPrep, which is fast becoming the new standard disinfectant spray for skin care professionals because it meets all the above criteria. CliniPrep is highly recommended among professionals because it is a strong oxidizing agent and so it will attack any detected bacteria on the skin, but it is also gentle enough to keep healthy cells intact and will not inhibit cell regrowth. This is an important factor in attaining the best results from your skin care procedure. The key ingredient is a Proprietary Hypochlorous Solution which is a bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, and virucidal solution that is non-irritating and pH neutral to the skin; making it a soothing final step after a microneedling treatment. CliniPrep is also alcohol and paraben free, which makes it suitable for use on clients with sensitive skin.

CliniPrep can be used :

PRE-TREATMENT: By applying on the skin after cleansing and applying a numbing agent (if using any). Be sure to thoroughly wet the skin and leave it on for approximately 20 seconds. Wipe off excess if necessary.

POST-TREATMENT: Perfect for use after procedures, before applying necessary correctives. When used immediately post-procedure, CliniPrep also assists in accelerated healing. It may also be applied at intervals during the procedure. 

CliniPrep works with any skin type, whether dry, oily, or combination. Clients with acne-prone skin and clients suffering from active acne breakouts have also noted optimal use of the disinfectant spray. CliniPrep is also mild enough to be used during a regular skin care routine. Clients have reported a decrease in the number of breakouts and inflammation after using CliniPrep daily. DP Derm’s Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray goes above and beyond what typical medical-grade skin disinfectants can do. It acts as a shield on the skin, protecting it from infections post microneedling and just about any other minimally invasive treatment. This alcohol-free disinfectant spray sanitizes without drying the skin and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free and will not stain or bleach clothing. DP Derm’s Professional Skin Disinfectant Spray can be purchased in wholesale volume by other skin care professionals through provider registration on our website.

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