Provider's Secrets: How to Keep Patients Satisfied and Loyal to Your Microneedling Services

Provider's Secrets: How to Keep Patients Satisfied and Loyal to Your Microneedling Services

Whether you already offer microneedling in your clinic or are considering adding it to your services, you likely know of its many benefits to your patients - and your bottom line. 

Done correctly, microneedling is safe, effective and profitable. But what makes some clinics wildly successful with microneedling services while others not so much?

It starts with choosing the right microneedling system. 

Choosing the Right Microneedling Pen 

The microneedling device - or microneedling pen - that you select for your clinic is one of the key factors in your success with the treatment.

Dp4 Microneedling Pen is the industry-leading professional microneedling device. Produced by the worldwide authority on microneedling, Dp4 can help your clinic’s microneedling offerings stand out. 

Here are just a few of its features:
  • It is one of the only microneedling devices to be FDA-approved for the treatment of scars with a special “ST” setting with auto-calibration of speed and depth.

  • It is suitable for all skin tones, widening your clinic’s potential client base and boosting client satisfaction.

  • Automatic calibration to ensure precise and drag-free needle penetration, which improves healing and boosts patient satisfaction.

  • Your investment is protected with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Once you decide on the best device for your clinic, you also should consider the retention potential. That’s where having the right skin care products comes in.

Professional Microneedling Serums and Skin Care 


While microneedling can effectively help with the treatment of many skin challenges, optimal results are achieved with proper skin care. This includes products used before, during and after the microneedling treatment.

The Dp4 Microneedling System is made up of the Dp4 professional microneedling pen and a family of clinic-only and at-home skincare products, Dp Dermaceuticals. With each product formulated with microneedling in mind, selecting the right products for your patients before, during and after microneedling treatments is easy!

Professional microneedling serums are formulated for use during microneedling and help address a variety of skin conditions, including MG-BL for reducing hyperpigmentation and MG-HA35 for deep hydration. These serums contain a patented delivery system and triple-weighted hyaluronic acid. 

Continuity of care is key for optimal results and Dp Dermaceuticals’ extensive line of at-home skin care makes it easy! 

From skin sets for a variety of skin challenges to clinic-grade devices like the LED masks for the face, hands and neck, your clients will love the results - and you’ll be their hero!

Turning Clients Into Raving Fans


Having the right equipment and products is a big step to having massive success with microneedling. But client experience is what will keep them coming back.

When you become an authorized provider of Dp4 and Dp Dermaceuticals, you gain access to protocols, signature treatments, patient forms and even marketing materials. This allows you to provide the best results - and the best experience - to your clients, transforming them into great referral sources. 

Why You Should Choose the Dp4 Microneedling System


With the Dp4 Microneedling System, you get everything you need to make microneedling a successful revenue generator in your clinic:

  1. Industry-leading Dp4 Professional Microneedling Pen that is FDA-cleared for the treatment of acne scars.
  2. Access to provider-only, science-backed skin care products and at-home products at wholesale prices.
  3. Access to protocols, patient forms and marketing materials.

Inquire about Dp4 here today, or email us at

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